Even Little People, Big World's Zach Roloff Thought Jeremy Would Take Over The Farm Before Him

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Warning! The following contains spoilers from the Little People, Big World Season 21 finale, called "Farmhouse Farewell." Read at your own risk!

It was an emotional season finale for Little People, Big World, as Amy Roloff's official departure from the farm meant big changes to the family. This wasn't just true in regards to Amy's departure, but with Zach Roloff wanting to increase his role within the farm. The news was a surprise to both Amy and Matt Roloff, especially since Jeremy Roloff (who left the show a couple of years back) was usually the one of the twin boys who expressed the most interest in running the property.

Zach admitted during the episode that even he expected his brother to be the one to keep the family farm running, though his perspective has since changed. Zach talked about his brother's interest in the farm, and the role he began to believe he could have in its future:

Everyone’s always assumed that Jeremy would be the one taking over the farm, including myself. And that’s just because I think I’ve always deferred to him when it came to the farm. As I’ve gotten older and become a father I’ve also spent more and more time working on the farm, and that has helped me become more assertive.

Zach Roloff has gone through a lot of changes over the years and has taken on a lot more work on Roloff Farms. Father Matt Roloff acknowledged that in his initial conversations with Zach about his interest, and backed up his increased work ethic to ex-wife Amy Roloff. Amy, of course, had some reservations because she knows it could cause some tension (which is on par for TLC shows) with Jeremy Roloff, who had made clear his intention to buy in on the business much earlier.

Zach Roloff knows his brother's hopes and goals but assured wife Tori Roloff he didn't envision his ambition creating a lot of tension between them. Even if it was slightly uncomfortable, Zach didn't feel like he needed to sacrifice his wants just to appease his twin brother.

Jeremy’s always wanted the farm or he’s always said he wanted the farm. He’s always had that desire. And I respect that and everything I’ve always respected Jeremy, I’ve always wanted to back him up. But, you know, I have to think about what’s good for my family right now.

As of writing, it does not appear that either of the twins has ownership of the farm. Matt Roloff is still believed to be the majority owner of the property, though that's not to say talks aren't in progress for the boys to get some land and share in the farm stake. Jeremy Roloff posted a picture back in April 2019 of he and Zach hanging out with their kids on the farm and mentioned they were discussing the "future of the farm" with father Matt. As to where things stand now, we can only wait for updates from the Roloffs on what the plan for the future may be.

Little People, Big World is done with Season 21 at TLC, but new episodes are on the way. Continue to stick with CinemaBlend for more on the franchise, and for the latest news happening in television and movies.

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