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Little People Big World's Amy Roloff Is Back At The Farm Despite 'Challenging Times'

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for the Season 21 premiere of Little People Big World. Read at your own risk!

Little People Big World is back, and things were tense in the new episode. Matt Roloff and ex-wife Amy were in the midst of discussing the buyout of her house and share of Roloff Farms, and as expected, things got heated. Viewers may already know the outcome considering this footage is rather dated, and for those out of the loop, the two did come to an agreement for the sale of the property over to Matt.

Amy Roloff may not necessarily have a home or own land on Roloff Farms, but apparently, that doesn't mean she's out of the business completely. The Little People Big World matriarch posted a message to fans on Monday, September 28 about the upcoming events at the farm, and confirmed that she will be there to take part in the annual pumpkin season experience despite "challenging times."

Fall is here. Woohoo! That means Pumpkin season is here too. Roloff Farms is open for pumpkin season. It’ll still be a fun family time just a different kind of fun because of the challenging times we are in. Check out the Roloff Farms website to make reservations and for more info - I’ll be there in costume helping out in the fall pumpkin season festivities. Hope to see some of you there in mask and to say hi.

The "challenges" Amy Roloff mentions seemingly refer to adjusting the Roloff Farms festivities to COVID-19 guidelines (like so many others have). The family's "Adventure Zone" and "Wagon Tours" will be closed this year, according to the website, and attendance to the event will be by reservation only. As a plus, there will be guided tours closer to areas of the farm that weren't available in years past. Exactly what that means isn't clear, but possibly things Little People Big World fans will appreciate.

Amy Roloff's participation in the festivities is interesting, as the latest Little People Big World episode implied that the sale between her and Matt would be a full-on buyout from the farm. If that were the case in the sale of the property, then there's no stake in Amy showing up and helping out with an event that will ultimately fund her ex-husband in the potentially rough holiday season.

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With that said, Amy Roloff's kids do have some stake in the farm, so it's not completely crazy to think she'd help out just to spend some time with them. Plus, the new season of Little People Big World is back in production, and with so much footage over the years coming from the fall season on the farm, it may just be easier to have everyone together for filming purposes. We can only speculate for now, and fans may be happy to know at least one thing hasn't changed in this family dynamic in recent years.

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