One Of The Little People Big World Families Is Leaving The Show

TLC's Little People Big World has given viewers an in-depth and sometimes invasive look at the Roloff family and their life for the better part of a decade, and now one of the families involved has decided it's time to move on. Matt and Amy's oldest son Jeremy made an announcement on Instagram revealing he and his family would no longer be featured on the show going forward:

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Jeremy Roloff's exit from Little People Big World didn't appear to be tied up in any legal drama or contract dispute, but rather a higher calling. Roloff mentioned in his caption he and wife Audrey would have some announcements soon regarding their next move, which appeared to be tied to religious work the couple has been involved in. Roloff seemed to assure Little People Big World fans the reality series wasn't going anywhere, as he mentioned the decision was specific to his family and that "the show must go on."

Despite Jeremy Roloff's hinting that Little People Big World was going to keep on chugging along, some fans worried it was the beginning of the end for one of TLC's long-running shows. Their speculation only intensified with Jeremy's mother and Roloff family matriarch Amy Roloff's comment on the post, which sent mixed signals. Amy congratulated and supported her son's decision, and said it was time "For all of us to move on in one way or another." The post had some wondering if Amy Roloff might be the next member to drop out of the series, although there's been no real speculation indicating that may happen.

As for other members of the Roloff clan appearing in the mentions, Tori Roloff popped in to assure worried Little People Big World fans her family wasn't going anywhere. Tori, who married Jeremy's twin-brother Zach in 2015, said that they would still be on the show. TLC had nothing but kind things to say regarding Jeremy, Audrey, and their daughter Ember's departure from the show, and said in an official statement (via Us Weekly) the show would return next year. Jeremy will be the third Roloff child to exit the series and will join younger siblings Jacob and Molly Roloff in staying out of the spotlight.

The latest season of Little People Big World is currently filming and will air on TLC at some point in the future. Summer television is in full swing with new shows popping up on every network imaginable. Viewers who feel a bit overwhelmed by that and can't figure out what to watch during the rest of their summer should visit our summer premiere guide and see what's coming up. For more on TLC and its programming, read up on the dating show Kate Gosselin has coming to the network this fall.

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