How Falcon And Winter Soldier’s Relationship Has Evolved Since Civil War, According To Anthony Mackie

It’s no secret that Sam Wilson a.k.a. Falcon and Bucky Barnes a.k.a. The Winter Soldier aren’t friends. They have a mutual pal in Steve Rogers a.k.a. Captain America that links them together, and those individual bonds to the patriotic hero have seen them team-up for the same cause, but they also rarely miss an opportunity to swipe at each other. It’s a dynamic we’ve grown to love over the last few years in Marvel movies, and soon will get a super dose of it via Disney+’s The Falcon And The Winter Soldier – but an interesting thing to note going in is that the relationship has evolved since the days of Captain America: Civil War.

I interviewed Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan this past weekend during the virtual press day promoting the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s follow-up to WandaVision, and it was the former who chimed in when I asked about how the Falcon/Bucky rapport has changed since the two heroes first found themselves fighting on the same side. Don’t be confused, they definitely don’t like each other – but it’s a bit more nuanced than that. Said Mackie,

It's more so our relationship grew out of our appreciation for Steve, and that's kinda where it started and ended. Bucky and Sam, they have a mutual understanding and respect for each other. There is no admiration. So, you know, that's the evolution of the two men and their role in the MCU.

Falcon and Winter Soldier had a fine enough time co-existing when Steve Rogers was around, as their respective trust in and respect for Captain America served as a kind of adhesive keeping them together, but after Avengers: Endgame that adhesive is basically gone. What remains between the two is an understanding of what they can individually accomplish and do well – but it sounds like they aren’t going to be throwing complements around.

In Falcon’s defense, The Winter Soldier is one of the limited number of people on the planet who acted on a plan to try and kill him and very nearly did (see: Captain America: The Winter Soldier), and as a result one can understand him having a chip on his shoulder. To play devil’s advocate, though, Bucky has demonstrated a willingness to make amends and make up for his past sins. It’s all stuff that should make for a compelling relationship on the new Disney+ series.

On that note, fans will be able to finally start watching The Falcon And The Winter Soldier in just a few days, as the first episode of the six-part Marvel Cinematic Universe series is set to start streaming this Friday, March 19 at 12am PST/3am EST. CinemaBlend is planning a great deal more coverage for you in the run up to the debut, so look out for more from my interviews with the cast and filmmakers, and to see what else is ahead on the Disney+ front from the MCU check out our Upcoming Marvel TV guide.

Eric Eisenberg
Assistant Managing Editor

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