JLo And A-Rod Pack On The PDA Amidst Rumors Of Relationship Problems And Debunked Split

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez smile during interview
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It looks like Alex Rodriguez gave new meaning to the phrase “If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.” Amid the mounting scrutiny surrounding his relationship issue with fiancé Jennifer Lopez, the former MLB player flew to the Dominican Republic to see her – and the PDA is pretty hot and heavy itself.

In the photos, per TMZ, Alex Rodriguez is seen kissing Jennifer Lopez, who is wearing only a bathrobe, out on a terrace. The pair seem cool, relaxed and, well, normal, as they chat and share a computer screen together. In fact, the visual is a complete reversal from this past week where the public has seen their children crying over the alleged breakup and A-Rod attempting to avoid paparazzi attempting to get answers about his relationship status.

Although, many seem to be criticizing Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez for the apparent openness of the shots – in other words, that it might be staged for good publicity. It's hard to deny that doing so would theoretically help to change the narrative regarding their relationship. But given the strain their family has experienced because of these rumors, staged PDA seems improbable for the couple.

Rumors have been circulating as far back as January during Bravo’s Southern Charm reunion special, in which one of its stars, Madison Lecroy, was accused of hooking up with a famous MLB player. Alex Rodriguez was labeled the MLB player in question, but Lecroy later on claimed she only spoke on the phone with Rodriguez, but that was enough to get the rumor mill going. Many assumed the news of JLo and A-Rod’s split last week might have had something to do with Lecroy – despite sources claiming it was due to the strain of distance and the ongoing effects of COVID-19.

But if these new photos are to be taken at face value, it seems that A-Rod and JLo's relationship is living to fight another day. The "Love Don’t Cost a Thing" singer had even posted a video on her Instagram stories with the caption, “Happy Monday. New week. New day. Onward. Upward.” Likely, the couple are hoping to move past all the negative scrutiny into something more peaceful. The two are spending quality time in the Dominican Republic where JLo has been filming her newest film, Shotgun Wedding, in which she stars alongside Josh Duhamel and Lenny Kravitz.

Fans of A-Rod and JLo as a couple will rejoice to know that they're at least trying to make the relationship work. Relationships, especially in the Hollywood realm, can be hard to maintain, and it's nice to see that they're doing what they can. We'll be watching closely to see how things continue to develop for the two.

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