Zac Efron Shares Shirtless Thirst Trap After Getting Candid About Being 'Too Big'

After a bit of a social media hiatus, Zac Efron has been in high gear lately. The new season of his Netflix series Down to Earth is in the works, and he’s been sharing looks at dolphins and even kangaroos while hanging out in his new home Oz, where he currently has been spending time with his producer brother Dylan Efron. His latest adventure? Breaking the Internet with a brand new thirst trap.

Zac Efron recently partnered again with Bombas, a company he’s been involved with since at least 2017 (yes, the era of the abs), to show off some socks, but those who tuned in for his post got a whole lot more than that. The actor shared a look at doing some stretches, as well as an abs workout whilst wearing the socks “on the road,” and if you scroll through his whole Instagram thread, you’ll get quite the eyeful.

Zac Efron Instagram Bombas Abs post

Zac Efron has never been an actor who has shied away from going shirtless, and he has been an ongoing champion of body positivity, even while his own body has gone through a slew of purposeful changes in recent years. In an interview with Ellen DeGeneres a couple of years ago, Efron admitted his Baywatch era body was “unrealistic,” even going so far as to call himself “too big.”

That’s too big. For guys, that’s unrealistic. I’m telling you, I got very big and buff for that movie. But I don’t want people to think that’s the best way to be. Be your size… I don’t want to glamorize this.

Since then, he’s spoken about getting to a point where he’s more comfortable with his body and his fitness level, speaking out several times about making sure he is not championing his 2017 abs or how he looked when he was in Baywatch, which required him to be intensely focused on exercise and his diet at all times. Now, he’s shared a look at where his fitness journey is at now, and if that’s taking a step back and being more comfortable with your body, it’s still pretty dang impressive.

You can check out the post in full, below, and while I’m super happy Zac Efron is flexible, I have to say, “Seriously way to bury the lede, bud.”

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Look, Zac Efron’s always been a fit guy. Even after he talked about the insane lengths he went to to make sure his abs were chiseled for Baywatch and subsequently laid off the gas a little, he's continued being a strong and super athletic individual. It’s great he’s keeping up with his fitness even when there’s no pressure to have the most impressive abs possible. And if his thirst traps are also leading people at-risk and homeless populations to land free socks, I'm here for that too.

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