A Look At Zac Efron Hanging Out With Kangaroos Now That He's Fully Committing To Living Down Under

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Like many people over the last year, Down to Earth and High School Musical actor Zac Efron made some major changes to his living situation. In his case, he said goodbye to Hollywood and said hello to beach life, dolphins and kangaroos, becoming one of the major celebrities to move to Byron Bay, Australia (See: Chris Hemsworth). Now, it looks like Efron’s fully committing to life down under.

As part of maintaining a visa to live in OZ, Zac Efron has taken on some work in Australia. We previously learned he signed on for a movie there as part of his commitment to the country called Gold (that just so happens to be a survival thriller). Now, he’s out and about with his brother Dylan Efron and filming Season 2 of Netflix’s popular adventure series Down to Earth. And since we know you need an image of Efron spending some quality time with a kangaroo, we got you.

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It’s unclear if this little kangaroo adventure will end up being a part of Down to Earth Season 2, but Zac Efron was certainly spending time with his producer brother when the image was taken, as Dylan Efron also shared a cute look at the adventure. So, it's at least tangentially related tot he work the two are doing for the Netflix show.

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Dylan Efron briefly came under fire recently for being able to travel to Oz while there are still plenty of restrictions in place, but he made it clear that he had to jump through a lot of safety hoops and he only did so to work on the Netflix series (though I’d guess getting to see his brother again was an added bonus). Since then, work has started on Season 2 of Down to Earth and we’ll likely see the show travel elsewhere around the globe as filming continues, if Season 2 follows the same trajectory as Season 1.

But all signs are pointing to a long-term Australia stay for Zac Efron, who has even met his partner Vanessa Valladares while living in Byron Bay. In January, the actor sold his home in Los Angeles, further committing himself to the AU. And if it means he has to film movie and TV projects there occasionally to supplement his lifestyle, it seems like a small price to pay. Though not everyone has expressed happiness over Zac Efron choosing the humble Byron Bay as home quarters.

Netflix's Down to Earth Season 2 doesn't have an official premiere date on Netflix yet. However, it looks like we may get some more looks at what is to come if Zac and Dylan Efron keep up with these fun social media posts. In the meantime, you can also keep an eye on what is heading to Netflix and soon with our full premiere schedule.

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