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How Disney Owning Hulu Has Impacted Justin Roiland's Solar Opposites

Solar Opposites Hulu

Solar Opposites Season 2 is out on Hulu, and it's about as wild as the show has ever been. The show features lots of over-the-top gags, a fair bit of raunch, and plenty of shots at its home streaming service along the way. In fact, there are so many shots taken at Hulu one could interpret Season 2's jabs as co-creators Justin Roiland and Mike McMahan stirring the pot.

I had to know what the deal was with all the Hulu jokes and learned that couldn't be further from the truth. Mike McMahan talked about Hulu ahead of Solar Opposites Season 2 and his uncertainty of how the show could change after Disney acquired the streamer:

I was even curious when Disney bought Hulu is I was like, 'Oh no. Are we not allowed to say that the aliens like buy Hulu toilet paper,' or whatever we say anymore and they were like, 'No this is fine. Like we're having fun with it too.' And it is coming from a place of love. We're not trying to start a beef with Hulu.

The good news for Solar Opposites fans is, despite its family-friendly image, Disney hasn't stepped in and told the creators they couldn't do certain jokes or take jabs at Hulu. That's definitely an understandable fear given the aforementioned image Disney has worked hard for decades to create. One can't necessarily do a show where aliens constantly talk about the fact they don't have genitalia if it's supposed to maintain a family-oriented attitude.

So because Hulu is fine with all the jabs, Solar Opposites only continues to pepper them in. Justin Roiland talked about the references and also complimented the people at Hulu for being good sports. Said the the co-creator,

The fact that stuff survives and is in the episodes probably says everything you need to know about how cool Hulu is because, I mean, if they weren't, you know that'd be the first stuff to go obviously.

So for anyone who has watched Season 2 of Solar Opposites and thought Justin Roiland and Mike McMahan tried to piss off Hulu, that's not the case. Obviously, Hulu was happy enough to already renew the series for Season 3, and a Christmas special will arrive later in the year that's, by both creators' accounts, really good. I'm assuming there will be more jokes about Hulu included in there, provided no hearts and minds at the streamer have soured on any of the jokes made in Season 2.

Check out Solar Opposites Season 1 and 2 on Hulu. It's absolutely one of my favorite things I've watched in 2021 so far, so I highly recommend it to anyone who likes animated comedy or needs a good laugh as of late. After that, be sure to read up on another upcoming project from Justin Roiland that should make fans laugh.

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