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Marvel's Anthony Mackie On That Time He Tried Sneaking Into Prince's Party

Anthony Mackie in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

No matter how big a celebrity gets, they are fans just like everyone else. Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan were the latest celebrities to show their love to others (dead and alive). In an unexpected moment, Mackie revealed a time he came remarkably close to meeting the late music icon Prince. The actor spoke about the time he tried sneaking into Prince’s house party.

Anthony Mackie’s Prince revelation was made during an IMDb interview alongside Sebastian Stan. Mackie and Stan let their fanboy flags fly as they spoke on which celebrities they still get starstruck by. Mackie fully caped for American Idol judge Lionel Richie before Stan mentioned wanting to see David Bowie and Prince if they were still alive. Stan’s response led Mackie to tell an outrageous Prince story:

I tried to sneak into Prince’s house, he was having a party! Prince was having a house party in LA. And his house is a gated house within a gated community! I got in Sanaa Lathan’s trunk to try to sneak into Prince’s house… And his security pulled me.

After hearing Anthony Mackie’s funny Prince incident, Sebastian Stan commented on how outrageous Mackie’s story was. He even teased about the headlines the actor’s omission could lead to:

Anthony, they’re not even paying you for these headlines. You were just really updated that facts… under your IMDb credit.

Anthony Mackie’s Prince story was very unexpected and took a completely different direction. Unfortunately, the actor didn’t get to meet the pop icon. Sebastian Stan’s reaction during and after Mackie’s story was probably the best part. Seeing the candor and laughter between Mackie and Stan showed how close the two have become during their time in the MCU despite their characters' relationship. Mackie’s lighthearted Prince story showed just how much of an enigma the late star was.

Anthony Mackie’s failed attempt to meet Prince was just another tale in the Prince mythos. His story was just one of countless stories celebrities have told over the years. In most stories, the celebrity talks about how they met him. Usually, their stories veer off into strange territory with some unexpected turn. Recently Eddie Murphy revealed the Dave Chapelle Prince sketch was true while throwing in some extra details. Whenever someone tells a Prince story, the late musician comes off as this mystical unicorn in the forest. On the other hand, many of those stories showed just how relatable the late pop icon was (and continues to be).

Hearing Anthony Mackie’s Prince story was both outlandish and funny especially with how he told it. As previously mentioned, it was Sebastian Stan’s retort and reactions that made the moment as well. Like most Prince stories, Mackie gave fans some insight into the late star’s life. Hopefully, more celebrities will be able to share more Prince stories.

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