Fans Pay Tribute To Kelly Clarkson After Her Brilliant Idea To Re-Record Albums Like Fearless

Fearless (Taylor's Version)

Taylor Swift’s re-recording of her 2008 sophomore album, Fearless, finally released last week, and fans cannot get enough of it. While Swift has been able to re-record her older discography since last fall, she announced the re-recordings in August of 2019. And some fans are giving credit to The Voice coach Kelly Clarkson for providing the initial idea to re-record her tracks.

In July of 2019, in the midst of Taylor Swift’s ongoing legal battles with Big Machine Records and Scooter Braun (who bought Swift’s masters), Kelly Clarkson went on Twitter and suggested to the Grammy-winning Swift that she should re-record the masters she didn’t own. Well, looks like Swift took her up on that keen piece of advice and, with the tweet resurfacing after nearly two years, fans are paying tribute to the former American Idol winner on Twitter. Check out Clarkson's original tweet below:

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Now that Swifties feel like they're back in the great year of 2008, it's easy to see why they would want to thank Kelly Clarkson for recommending that Taylor Swift re-record her masters so that she can own them. What's even more gratifying about the new album, Fearless (Taylor’s Version), is that it also includes multiple new tracks from the Vault. Here's how one massive fan chose to thank Clarkson on social media:

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Kelly Clarkson may not be totally responsible for Taylor Swift re-recording her albums, though. Admittedly, Swift may have been thinking about it for a while or even took a cue from JoJo, who had to re-record her own first albums once her contract with her former record label was finally up. Nevertheless, fans still feel the need to thank the singer, especially considering how quickly things progressed after her suggestion. It was almost too coincidental that Clarkson tweeted what she did and that only a few months later, Swift announced she would be re-recording her discography:

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After Kelly Clarkson originally tweeted that Taylor Swift should re-record her masters, the post went viral, especially once the former country singer announced she would actually begin the process in 2020. Swift released the first taste of her new Fearless version with “Love Story (Taylor’s Version),” just in time for Valentine’s Day. Honestly, it's amazing to see Clarkson's tweet gain even more buzz almost two years after it was initially published:

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Taylor Swift was involved in a lengthy legal battle with Big Machine Records, Scott Borchetta and Scooter Braun over her regaining ownership of her master recordings. At one point, she was reportedly told she could not perform her older songs at the American Music Awards for her big performance. Those master recordings involved Swift’s first six albums with Big Machine and, when she announced she had begun re-recording her older music, the singer couldn’t hide how happy she was and how creatively fulfilling the journey was shaping up to be. This is only just the beginning of reliving her classic eras, and we can’t thank Kelly Clarkson enough for her contributions to this golden age.

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