Ryan Reynolds Releases Some Of Taylor Swift's Re-Recorded Love Story In Hilarious Match Ad

Ryan Reynolds and Taylor Swift side by side

How good of a friendship is there between Deadpool star/marketing genius Ryan Reynolds and actor/musical hitmaker Taylor Swift? Well, they’re apparently chummy enough for Reynolds to not only use some of Swift’s iconic hit “Love Story” in a new Match ad, but it just happens to be a taste of the newly re-recorded version that Taylor is hard at work on right this very moment. Watch the sweetness of Swift meet the snark of Ryan Reynolds, in this very 2020 Match.com ad:

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Satan and 2020: if there’s not a better match made in Hell, then we don’t know a thing about what rom-coms have taught us over the years. Courtesy of a Twitter post from Ryan Reynolds’ own feed, we see this likely pair match through a dating app, start a yearlong courtship, and ultimately fall in love. And as a result of this union the world kind of burns down around, but who would want to change that in the face of true love? Especially when it’s all underscored by the new version of “Love Story” that sneaks some of Taylor Swift’s project to re-record her old hits into the mix.

This Match ad really does play out like a sweet romantic comedy, where Satan and 2020 do their thing in the fashion we’ve all become accustomed to. They exercise in a socially distant context, take in a movie at the theaters that dare to be open, and even get a selfie in front of a dumpster fire. It’s enough to bring a tear to your eye, because the combination of Ryan Reynolds’ humor and Taylor Swift’s music is so funny, you could cry.

But there might be some additional tears coming from Swifties today, as this first listen of the new re-recording for “Love Story” is actually pretty good. Even if you’re not the biggest Taylor Swift fan in the world, you have to admit that this new version is a clever reinvention of the 2008 hit. And as if that wasn’t enough of a gift, Swift herself took to Twitter to deliver the following message to her fans:

Okay so while my new re-records are NOT done, my friend @VancityReynolds asked me if he could use a snippet of one for a LOLsome commercial he wrote so...here’s a sneak peak of Love Story! Working hard to get the music to you soon!!

The friendship between Taylor Swift, Ryan Reynolds, and Blake Lively, is one that has yielded some interesting cultural moments in the pandemic year of 2020. With a really funny ad now being created as a result of such a buddy system, it’s proving to be one of those associations that really does put something great into the world. Now if only we could get the three of them to channel that energy into some sort of musical rom-com, we’d have the ultimate hit just waiting to be unleashed upon the world.

Alas, if you want a Taylor Swift fix at the current moment, you’ll have to head over to Disney+; as they currently have the documentary Folklore: The Long Pond Studio Sessions streaming for your enjoyment. And whenever the world, and Disney, see fit to release Free Guy into the world, you’ll get to see Ryan Reynolds back at work again in the cinematic world of comedy. Or, you could just wait for the next funny ad he releases onto the internet, as they’ve been pretty common as of late.

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