Legacies Just Made Josie's Love Life A Lot More Complicated, Ahead Of Dark Josie's Return

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for the Legacies episode "All's Well That Ends Well." Read at your own risk!

Josie Saltzman was already struggling to open up to her new crush Finch, and the Legacies character really got a gut punch in the latest episode after she was rejected by her crush. Lizzie, being the good sister that she allegedly is, decided to get some answers. Unfortunately, what she uncovered made Josie's love life a lot more complicated, just in time for a re-emergence of Dark Josie.

This may come as a shock to some, though I'm sure some Legacies fans were already suspecting that Finch isn't just an ordinary human. After Finch rejected Josie for a date two nights in a row, Lizzie tracked her down and discovered that Finch is actually a werewolf. Lizzie barely escaped the discovery with her life, as Finch was distracted and effectively subdued by MG and Will.

Lizzie went home to face her sister, as she had no other choice as Josie knew she'd gone to get answers on Finch's excuse. Lizzie could've told her sister the truth, but instead, she decided to lie and said that she witnessed Finch was in another relationship, and it seemed pretty serious. The Legacies character obviously just wanted to protect her sister from the dangers of dating a wolf, but dishonesty is not the best policy, especially between sisters.

Lizzie lied to Josie, which may be extra bad for her in the coming weeks as a Legacies trailer teased that Dark Josie would make her grand return. Josie finding out about her sister's lie would be bad enough, but it's safe to say it wouldn't end in an actual murder. If Josie would find out in her transformed state, however, I don't think anyone is safe in that situation.

Unfortunately, there are no clear answers as to why Dark Josie re-emerges and what may come of it just yet. With that said, we're aware that MG and Will currently have an unconscious Finch at their hideout, and she doesn't know them. If they decide to hold her captive for a while, Josie is sure to notice.

That would inevitably lead Josie to Lizzie, knowing she was the last person who saw her, and then, a potential truth-telling moment for Lizzie. Ultimately, I expect this whole situation to work out, and Finch probably joins the Salvatore School, but who can say for sure? I'm just hoping whatever happens between these two happens quicker than the Landon and Hope storylines, which have inexplicably gone full circle back to where the two are in mortal danger once again. That is unless that mysterious skeleton with a razor blade was just a friendly barber passing through, which I doubt.

Legacies airs on The CW Thursdays at 9:00 p.m. ET. Do you think Finch will eventually end up at Salvatore? Sound off on our poll, and be prepared for a long wait as the show won't return with a new episode until Thursday, May 6.

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