Chrissy Teigen Explains Why She's Returning To Twitter

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Supermodel, entrepreneur, and all around wonderfully funny lady Chrissy Teigen shocked her millions of followers, and much of the world in general, when she left Twitter in late March. Teigen noted at the time that she felt like she was constantly letting people down whenever she posted something they didn't like and it was getting to be too much for her. Now, though, we can all rejoice, because Teigen is back on the social media platform, and she's telling us why she decided to return.

Chrissy Teigen had amassed several millions of followers on Twitter during her many years on the social media site, largely because of her hilarious takedowns of trolls, off the cuff reactions to pop culture and musings about her daily life. She was known by many to be a funny, bright spot in a landscape that can be quite harsh, and it sounds like her early morning return to Twitter had a lot to do with her needing to continue to be herself:

Well, this makes a lot of sense, doesn't it? Chrissy Teigen is someone who really enjoys sharing her thoughts with others, whether they're about something super important or just super silly. After over a decade on Twitter, it must have been difficult to go several weeks without a quick way to talk to folks about whatever she thought needed to be voiced. In fact, Teigen has already admitted that not having Twitter to turn to may have made her a little bit...interesting the last few weeks:

Yeah, that's the Chrissy we know and love! When she left the site behind last month, Teigen also noted how much she'd learned there from having "said fucked up shit" and making other mistakes and then being "held accountable" for her actions, but that she hadn't learned "how to block out the negativity," and said she felt "honestly deeply bruised." But, with her return, Teigen is now saying "I choose to take the bad with the good," so here's hoping that it feels way easier for her to do that now.

If you look at her page, you can see that all of her old tweets are there, so she clearly just deactivated the account for a bit, as opposed to deleting it and starting over, and I don't think anyone can blame her for needing to step away for a time.

It's not uncommon for anyone who uses social media a lot to need a break every now and then, and I can only imagine that that's even more the case with celebrities. When you have millions upon millions of people hanging on your every word it can be immensely gratifying, but it also means that there will be way more people ready to pounce whenever they think you've slipped up or who just like to throw hate your way. We've seen several famous folks remove themselves from social media because of the negativity, only to return after they've been able to have a nice breather, so Chrissy Teigen is in good company there.

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