Selling Sunset's Heather Rae Young Responds To Chrissy Teigen's Suspicious Claims

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Selling Sunset has had a tough time selling all of those watching on the fact that it is 100% real. Among those with doubts is Chrissy Teigen, who never holds back. Teigen has been one viewer to give voice to her suspicions regarding the reality show’s “reality.” For those unfamiliar with Selling Sunset’s plot, it follows celebrity realtors, including Heather Rae Young, who works at the Oppenheim Group.

Heather Rae Young has previously spoken out about not regretting posing for Playboy, and now she is defending Selling Sunset’s veracity. For reference, this is the viral tweet from Teigen that sent fans into a tizzy regarding if Selling Sunset was real:

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Chrissy Teigen indicated that she had personally never seen the realtors presented on Selling Sunset, and neither had the agents she knows and asked. The takeaway from the tweet is that viewers may not be getting sold the entire truth as they take in the series’ jaw-dropping listings. Asked about Teigen’s tweet, Heather Rae Young told KTLA 5 Morning News:

My response to that is that I have had my real estate license since 2014. I've been with the Oppenheim Group since 2015. I sold my first house within three months of having my license. It was a $7.2 million house. A week later, I sold a $1.5 million condo and you can look up the proof.

Look it up, and Heather Rae Young says you will find the proof. Will Chrissy Teigen and others put on their Olsen twins-esq investigative hats and see if Young is telling the truth? Fans have the Selling Sunset star’s word as she shared a stellar story of success; selling some high-priced real estate within her first three months in the business.

Heather Rae Young did not leave things there, either. In case there were any doubts, Tarek El Moussa’s fiancé said her door is open regarding clearing up those suspicious about Selling Sunset. According to Young, you can see the truth in person. (Someone, please call Chrissy Teigen.) Defending the reality show, Young continued, saying:

You can come to our office and visit us. We've all been in the office for years and have known each other for almost six years. Maybe because she doesn't know us doesn't mean we're not real real estate agents.

The issue is that Chrissy Teigen did not say that it is only her who is unfamiliar with the agents shown in Selling Sunset. Teigen (who recently announced the surprise pregnancy of her third child with husband John Legend) said that the real estate agents she knows have not seen the Selling Sunset team around, either.

Young's fellow agent, Christine Quinn, has discussed the toll Selling Sunset has taken on her mental health, seeing as how Chrissy Teigen is not the only one to say negative things about the show on social media. Quinn has provided yet another example of how fans’ negative comments impact their targets. Speaking about her battle with depression and anxiety, Quinn told the podcast Too Tired To Be Crazy with Violet Benson (via People):

I know I’ve always had it, but the show definitely intensified it. It was the show coming out and dealing with people that were so horrible to me that triggered it.

The Selling Sunset star’s comments prove that negativity online does not happen in a vacuum. As for Heather Rae Young, it does not appear that the doubts about the show have hit her too hard. Young is featured in a hit TV show and engaged to the star of another hit show that is also about real estate, so he's familiar with this kind of drama.

You can stream Selling Sunset on Netflix. Season 3 is one of the installments new to Netflix this year. While you wait for word on Selling Sunset’s future, check out this fall’s premieres.

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