Jamie Foxx's Daughter Shares Real-Life Embarrassing Moments With Her Dad As New Netflix Show Dominates Top 10

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Academy Award- and Grammy Award-winner Jamie Foxx is a genuinely versatile Hollywood entertainer. He can sing, he can dance, and most certainly, he can act. But more than that, he is just as accomplished as any dad at embarrassing his kids. As Foxx’s new sitcom on that very topic dominates Netflix’s Top 10 lineup, his real-life daughter shared some real-life embarrassing moments of her dad.

For Netflix’s Strong Black Lead segment, Jamie Foxx was joined by one of his two kids, Corinne Foxx, who recalled the top five most embarrassing moments with her dad. The first recollections were soft pitches, such as his “too tight” and “weird” clothing style and odd “lifestyle choices” like using a backpack with a speaker in it. But it was the honored number one spot that was actually used as inspiration for his new Netflix show Dad Stop Embarrassing Me. Corinne Foxx revealed,

This is an episode in the show, you had approached my high school boyfriend’s home to intimidate him, scare him, kill him. Who knows?

Jamie Foxx joked that it was going to be “in that order” but, really, that he was simply there to discuss terms with the boyfriend’s parents that his daughter was to be respected. Sounds both honorable and hysterical in equal measure, especially since it appears that Snoop Dogg also was involved. Evidently, though, the poster for Dad Stop Embarrassing Me was also used from Corinne Foxx’s real experience of her dad and whole family showing up to her cheerleading at a game, all wearing t-shirts with her face on it. My teenage self is cringing on the inside at the prospect.

Another hilarious revelation from Jamie Foxx’s daughter was that, apparently, the Django Unchained star almost fought her cheerleading coach. Could you imagine seeing the Jamie Foxx, who has rubbed elbows with everyone from Leonardo DiCaprio to Kanye West, about to tussle? He elaborated on the situation, saying,

So I had somebody from Miami, somebody from Chicago, and a gang of people from South Dallas and I’m gonna tell you how hood it is in South Dallas – it never rains. That’s how hood it is. The rain is afraid to come to South Dallas…I told [the coach], ‘This is what’s gonna happen, if she don’t cheer, there won’t be a game.’ The game went on and we lined up right by the fence, all of us and we cheered her on. ‘Good, good cheer Corinne. Two bits, four bits…’ I’ll fuck somebody up. Don’t play with mine.

That’s pretty off the wall, but it sounds like even better inspiration for Dad Stop Embarrassing Me. The Netflix show has been billed as Jamie Foxx returning to his roots, given his acting career started out on the sitcoms In Living Color and The Jamie Foxx Show. It’s been many years since Foxx has been on the small screen as star of his own scripted series, but it looks like he hasn’t disappointed fans since the new show is now in the #1 spot on Netflix’s Top 10, overtaking the likes of Ginny & Georgia and The Circle.

Netflix’s Dad You’re Embarrassing Me seems ripe with corny dad jokes and scenarios. But obviously, Jamie Foxx has those same jokes and love for his real-life kids in spades, and it's both sweet and mortifying at the same time. The show is available streaming on Netflix now.

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