Is A Real Housewives Of Nashville Show On The Way? Here’s The Latest

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It might surprise you, but the Real Housewives franchise is sort of like Marvel – in how it seems to be to be an ever-growing universe with surprising new additions to the canon. Of late, there’s been news of a Real Housewives mega-crossover special, as well as a Real Housewives Kids special. But Bravo fans only want more – and they might have just gotten it. A potential Real Housewives of Nashville spinoff is in the works, and we got the latest.

Rumors started gaining traction about a new Real Housewives following cryptic social media hints from one of its supposed new housewives, Jana Kramer of One Tree Hill fame. A source for US Weekly has since confirmed that a Real Housewives of Nashville is in the works. But fans shouldn’t get too excited just yet. They said:

There is a Housewives-style show filming in Nashville, that includes [Luke Bryan’s wife] Caroline Boyer and Jana Kramer on the cast. It is still being shopped around and has not been picked up yet.

Though Jana Kramer is mostly known to folks as the character Alex Dupre from One Tree Hill, she has since pivoted to a successful career in country music, boasting several charted singles and top 10 hits and even a stint on Dancing with the Stars. But Kramer is seeking to break into the reality TV industry as well. Apparently, the singer even auditioned to be Teddi Mellencamp’s “friend of the show” on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills before her untimely exit. And baby, she may have finally made it. Check out her Instagram post that supposedly hints at the Real Housewives of Nashville filming:

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Jana Kramer should have no problem bonding on Real Housewives of Nashville with alleged fellow castmate Caroline Boyer, whose husband Luke Bryan is also pretty prominent in country music. He’s been awarded by the Academy of Country Music Awards and has been a judge on American Idol for several years now.

Nashville, Tennessee is the quintessential home of country music, with the likes of Otis Redding, Jimi Hendrix, and Bruce Springsteen, to name a few, having played there. So it’s a no-brainer that if there is going to be a Real Housewives of Nashville, that the country music scene would feature prominently. It’s similar to how the recent addition Real Housewives of Salt Lake City featured followers of the Mormon church and behind-the-scenes movers and shakers for the Sundance Film Festival.

Other figures related to the country music arena have been speculated for Real Housewives of Nashville. One being Kasi Wicks – Jason Aldean’s sister and Chuck Wick’s wife – after a cryptic Instagram story about “filming something.” She shut down that she was part of Real Housewives, though, saying it was “fake news.”

Hopefully, whoever else is supposedly filming with Jana Kramer and Caroline Boyer for Real Housewives of Nashville is giving it the good college try to shake things up. After the runaway success of Potomac and Salt Lake City, fans (and I) have been pretty adamant about another show. Nashville might be a bit surprising but, as we like to say here in the South, the best kind of drama is some good ol’ country drama.

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