Jeff Probst Paid Tribute After Survivor Contestant Sunday Burquest Died At 50

Sunday Burquest on Survivor

jeff probst on CBS's Survivor

Fans of reality TV may not personally know the on-screen personalities that participate in the shows, but it can sometimes feel like you’re really getting to know a person while watching them bare all their emotions in the comfort of your own living room. That’s why a celebrity death like Sunday Burquest, who appeared as a contestant on Survivor, may hit pretty hard. Jeff Probst, host and producer of the long-running CBS reality series, has now paid tribute to Burquest after she lost her battle to cancer at age 50.

Jeff Probst has been host of CBS’s Survivor since its very first season over 20 years ago and has seen hundreds of contestants go through the show’s many trials. It appears Sunday Burquest made quite the impression on him, with her genuine and positive nature because Probst took to his Twitter to give a touching tribute to her. You can check out the heartfelt words from Probst in the post below:

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In his tribute, Jeff Probst focuses on the positives that Sunday Burquest left as impression on the people who came into contact with her. He says that her smile combined with her kindness and positive outlook on life should inspire her fans to live life to its fullest in her absence, and also reaches out to her family and expresses his condolences.

While Jeff Probst appears to have been a fan of Sunday Burquest’s, we can tell there are also a lot of her fans present in the comments of his tribute. One fan says Burquest was even a favorite of the season she was in, and others are sending their thoughts and prayers toward the family she has left behind.

Sunday Burquest took part in Survivor’s 33rd season, “Millennials vs Gen X”. Even though she made it past merge in her season and almost right to the end, Burquest did not end up winning the final cash prize. She was voted out on Day 35 after a former member of her alliance turned on her and the other allied members of the tribe.

For only taking part in one season of Survivor, making it to Day 35 is pretty impressive. Sunday Burquest was pretty liked by the majority of players in her season, which had a good bit to do with her making it so far in the game since her gameplan did not rely much on trickery tactics. Her likability is also evident by the kind words of Jeff Probst and those commenting about her positive glow on his tribute. Our thoughts here at CinemaBlend are with Burquest's family, friends, and loved ones during their time of loss.

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