Even With No Cheating, How Madison LeCroy May Have Contributed To A-Rod And JLo's Break Up

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The Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez breakup announcement last week made for one of the biggest celebrity splits so far this year. Rumors of their relationship issues had been spreading ever since that ill-fated reunion episode of Bravo’s hit show Southern Charm aired. Accusations were leveled at one of its stars, Madison LeCroy, for allegedly “sleeping around” with A-Rod (unnamed at the time). Supposedly no cheating actually happened between LeCroy and A-Rod, but she may have still contributed to the ultimate breakup.

Apparently, it seems the speculation surrounding Alex Rodriguez and Madison LeCroy’s supposed connection this past year was too much for Jennifer Lopez to let slide, even if it was just friendliness or a flirtation. Sources told People that JLo was the one to end the relationship with A-Rod and, effectively, their engagement, claiming “too many” unresolved issues. But purportedly, direct cheating wasn’t exactly the issue at hand, with one of the sources asserting,

She won't tolerate the fear of it in the air between them.

A-Rod allegedly developed somewhat of a “wandering eye,” while JLo was busy filming A Shotgun Wedding in the Dominican Republic this past year. That eye reportedly landed on Southern Charm star and hairdresser Madison LeCroy, who saw a dramatic rise on the reality show after it showcased her ex-boyfriend Austin Kroll cheating on her. LeCroy admitted to the connection to A-Rod following the reunion special on Bravo, confirming that the two had spoken on the phone and on social media but have been just “acquaintances” ever since.

Madison LeCroy may have only been casually friendly with A-Rod, but it’s clear that reality television drama has a far reach. The Southern Charm shockers (even if untrue) seem to have ultimately fueled that alleged “fear” of cheating between JLo and A-Rod. So much so that the longtime couple – whose children from previous relationships are supposedly very close to one another – have given up on any resolution and will not be getting married after all.

For his part, A-Rod has denied any bad behavior and even flew to the Dominican Republic to see JLo following the pretty dramatic sequence of events that saw them broken up (for the first time) and back together within just a few days. They were caught kissing by paparazzi, but it apparently wasn’t enough to mend the mistrust after the Madison LeCroy allegations. One source said,

[JLo] has been pretty miserable and didn't think it was in her best interests to stay with Alex.

Of late, Madison LeCroy has only had to say of the JLo and A-Rod breakup that she “wishes them the best.” Fans will certainly wish to see what else, if anything, comes out about the debacle in the next season of Southern Charm.

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