Schitt's Creek Ted Actor Dustin Milligan Details The Extremely Gross Sweating He Did On Set

Dustin Milligan as Ted Mullens in Schitt's Creek.

Even celebrities get embarrassed from time to time! Though Schitt’s Creek came to an end just over a year ago, the series is still being talked about and watched today. And while the cast already moving on to bigger and better things post-Creek, memories are still being shared. Dustin Milligan, who portrayed Ted Mullens throughout the show’s six season run, for example, has detailed one of his most embarrassing, and grossest moments from the first season.

Sweating is part of life, whether you like it or not, and for Dustin Milligan it sometimes got in the way of his work. The actor pointed out to Buzzfeed that in the first season he had to hide his sweat on-screen and thanks to TV magic, it was barely noticeable:

Here's something fun and completely embarrassing that happened in the first seasons, then, for some reason, it went away. I'm a human being and that means that I sweat sometimes. There's a lot of scenes in Schitt’s Creek where you may not notice this, but I've got paper towels crammed into my armpits. Our lovely costumer on the show would have a hairdryer ready to go, so in-between takes, I'd be standing there getting my armpits blown. I think a lot of people wouldn't have been able to spot any sort of TV movie magic going on there. Definitely desperately avoiding any indication that I'm human and that I perspire.

Before the series came to an end, a lot of scenes on Schitt’s Creek took place outside, and for the most part the weather was just fine – though it wasn’t always perfect for Dustin Milligan. The Rutherford Falls actor went on to describe a very sweet moment involving Annie Murphy, solidifying just how close the two of them are, both on-screen and off. Milligan said,

There was actually a moment on a very hot day outside the motel, Annie [Murphy] turned around and was like, 'I'm so proud of you!' And I was just like, 'What?' Then she pointed to my armpits and said, 'Look at that, they're dry!' She was very supportive.

Although it’s sometimes hard to hide your sweat, Dustin Milligan has done it with no problem. But sometimes the perfect sweat comes at the perfect time, and Milligan has used it to his advantage, especially if the right scene comes along:

I just feel like I run hot. There's been takes before where sweat has dripped from my eyebrows, down into my tear duct, and out down my face. Everyone's like, 'Oh my god, I couldn't believe you produced that single tear at that moment! It was so beautiful.' Yes, single tear. Of course. I'm a good actor! Not sweaty.

The story may be a gross one, but it’s hilarious and totally relatable. It looks like it’s time to rewatch Schitt’s Creek on Netflix to try to point out all the times Dustin Milligan has paper towels crammed into his armpits.

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