Doctor Who's Noel Clarke Has Responded To Those Rumors About His Return

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Doctor Who is in production for Season 13 and, as fans prepare for a new season, some truly wild rumors have popped up as of late. There have been more than a few rumors about past cast members returning to what could be Jodie Whittaker's final season as The Doctor, though the wildest by far has been the rumor that actor Noel Clarke would return to the franchise.

Clarke first made waves on Doctor Who as Rose Tyler's on-and-off boyfriend Mickey Smith and hasn't been seen in the series since 2010. Nevertheless, that hasn't stopped recent rumors, which allege that Noel Clarke will not only return to Doctor Who but that he's set to return as the series' 14th Doctor. It's a pretty wild rumor and one that Clarke had to put an end to during a recent interview with Good Morning Britain:

I do not think that is true at all. Occasionally, I will bump into some of the Doctors who are friends of mine, and I'll post pictures, and I think people get excited. I was asked in an interview, 'Would I ever consider it?' And like any normal human, I said I would consider it, and then I think this furore [happened]...I'll put it out there, I will also consider, headlines, James Bond and any Marvel character they want to give me, if that's what people keep doing every time I say something.

If the above wasn't clear, I wouldn't expect to see Noel Clarke appear on Doctor Who anytime soon. Based on the quote, it's not necessarily because he's unwilling to rejoin the show or commit to its lengthy shooting schedule, it's just that he hasn't gotten the call. It's hilarious that Clarke threw out a few more big franchises as well, perhaps fishing for a role as the next James Bond or Wolverine.

The Doctor Who theory may sound silly to some, but the BBC series has gone in weird directions in the past. For example, Catherine Tate's Donna Noble got some Doctor-like powers during her run, and even Christopher Eccleston has dipped a toe back into the franchise after over a decade away from the show.

Beyond that, actors Peter Capaldi have entered the Doctor Who franchise in more minor roles and, in Capaldi's case, he ultimately returned to play The Doctor. It's fair to say that Noel Clarke's Mickey was a far meatier role than most supporting characters and that fans may have trouble overlooking his 15 episodes in the role, compared to how they viewed Capaldi's sole appearance as another character.

Noel Clarke could be lying and still be involved in Doctor Who's future, though I personally wouldn't count on it. Those looking to relive his greatest moments on Doctor Who, though, can binge the series on HBO Max and read up on the reason another alumnus of the show, Billie Piper, won't be making a return anytime soon, either.

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