The Voice: How Cam Anthony Made John Legend Jealous With His 'Feeling Good' Performance

The Voice Cam Anthony

Spoiler alert: The following contains spoilers for the April 26 episode of The Voice**, The Knockouts Part 2.**

Cam Anthony, the contestant who was blocked from working with John Legend in the Blind Auditions, sang a song very familiar to the music legend on the second night of The Voice, Season 20 Knockout Rounds, and the EGOT winner paid Anthony — a member of Blake Shelton’s team — the highest of compliments after his performance, saying he was jealous of the choices Anthony made.

“Feeling Good” by Nina Simone was Cam Anthony’s song choice for the Knockout Round, as Knockouts continued for a second night under the Mega Mentorship of Snoop Dogg, and Anthony absolutely killed it, bringing Kelly Clarkson, John Legend and Nick Jonas to their feet. Legend then pointed out that he had sung that song just a few months ago at President Joe Biden’s inauguration.

I just sang that song at a pretty big moment in my life, at the inauguration, and what I loved about your performance was I heard things I was jealous of that you did that I would have never thought to do.

Now that’s some high praise! To even be on the same level as someone like John Legend would be impressive, but to have Legend tell you that you made choices that he wouldn’t even think of? It’s obvious from Cam Anthony’s performances that he’s got something special, and the coaches are all recognizing and confirming that.

Coincidentally, just like John Legend, Cam Anthony has also performed at the White House. In 2014, Anthony performed The Star Spangled Banner for the White House Easter Egg Roll and met President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama.

As a member of Team Blake, Cam Anthony was promised his own lane on Blake Shelton’s team, as the cowboy refused to turn his chair for any other artist of Anthony’s genre. It was an unprecedented move, and one that’s paid off for Anthony so far in the competition. In the Blind Auditions, Nick Jonas used his Block to keep John Legend from having a chance at Anthony — a move that Jonas admitted backfired when Anthony chose to go with a different team.

The four contestants saved during the Battle Rounds — Savanna Woods, Emma Carolina, Devan Blake Jones and Carolina Rial — performed in the latest episode as well, and America’s votes will determine the one singer who will get to continue in the competition when the Live Playoffs begin.

Going into the Live Playoffs, three Four-Chair Turn contestants remain, including Zae Romeo, who Kelly Clarkson stole from Nick Jonas in the Knockout round. The Voice returns next Monday, May 3, with “The Road to the Lives,” which will also be a 10th anniversary celebration. The Live Playoffs begin at 8 p.m. ET Monday, May 10, with an elimination show to follow at 8 p.m. ET Tuesday, May 11, on NBC.

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