Looks Like A-Rod's Lost Weight And Gotten Fit Since Things Started Going South With Jennifer Lopez

Alex Rodriguez in conversation with Joe Biden before the election results

Alex Rodriguez is not letting a break up bring him down. The former baseball player and current businessman debuted a brand new look shortly after his split from Jennifer Lopez was officially confirmed, but it looks like he’s been working on himself for a while. In a post, A-Rod confirmed he’s been working to lose some weight and get fit since at least December of last year.

A-Rod has been working on himself for a few months, according to a new post he shared with his followers over at Instagram. He referred to his look in 2020 as a “dad bod” and mentioned that he spent some time really working to get away from some of his food weaknesses over the past few months. (I’d be willing to bet those of us who have been snacking at home over the past year can really feel that.)

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While it looks like the MLB star has been working on himself for at least a little while, things had been going south in his relationship for at least a little while too. It’s actually hard to believe it’s only been a couple of weeks since A-Rod and JLo officially went their separate ways, as the couple’s alleged issues had been well documented before then.

In fact, the (now-former) couple had spent some time together prior in the Dominican Republic, where the singer and actress was shooting Shotgun Wedding. Looking back, that may have been a last ditch attempt to get things back on track. Prior to that there had been rumors swirling they’d actually split up in March and there was some side drama after Southern Charm star Madison LeCroy claimed she and A-Rod had a connection while he was still dating Jennifer Lopez. With so many rumors swirling, the couple ultimately finalized things and made a statement calling it quits.

It's worth noting that Alex Rodriguez working on himself and his “dad bod” may in fact not have been the motivation behind getting fit. However, here’s hoping now that he’s found a healthier version of himself, he can move on in other ways as well. He’s already started with some posts nodding at the love for his family (he shares two girls with ex Cynthia Scurtis) and more.

He’s not the only person to take time during the pandemic to work on himself either. It’s easy to let yourself go a little when all of the interviews and stuff you normally do are conducted over Zoom and other video platforms and you are constantly being shown from the waist up. In fact, the main image from this story from a 2020 interview really shows how remote video calls can show people looking trim even when they aren’t necessarily feeling at their best.

Gwyneth Paltrow recently revealed she’d had a similar experience while stuck at home, gaining weight in 2020 and more recently working to lose it. And fitness journeys from the likes of Rebel Wilson, Tiffany Haddish and Luke Evans -- who seriously got ripped -- have been well-documented. We’ll keep you updated if A-Rod decides to post thirst traps, but in the meantime, it’s nice to see celebrities getting fitter, happier and more productive.

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