Grey’s Anatomy’s Sarah Drew Talks The ‘Delight’ Of Jumping Back Into The Japril Dynamic

This current season of ABC’s long-running medical drama, Grey’s Anatomy, has been nothing short of reunions. Between the returns of McDreamy and McSteamy, as well as George and Lexie, the next return will be one that fans have been waiting what seems like forever for. With Sarah Drew returning to the drama as Dr. April Kepner in this week’s episode, fans will be getting the Japril reunion they've waited a while for, and the actress was more than delighted to get back into it.

Sarah Drew exited Grey’s Anatomy at the end of the Season 14 finale. April decided to leave Grey Sloan Memorial for something more religiously fulfilling, and she ended up marrying paramedic Matthew Taylor. In the upcoming episode, Jackson (Jesse Williams) pays April a surprise visit, and Drew couldn’t help but gush to TVInsider about her experience on set and getting to jump back into the dynamic between Jackson and April, who have a long history with each other:

I felt so warmly welcomed getting to see everyone and hug everyone. It was like no time had passed. I felt just my heart just leaped when I was on set and just seeing folks. I’ve missed everyone so much. It’s such a beautiful community over there. Then especially just hopping back into the April and Jackson dynamic, Jesse and I have always worked really well together and have such a beautiful partnership and such a great friendship. That was just such a delight to jump back in and so easy.

While Jackson’s visit is surely a surprise, Drew confirmed that April is still in Seattle and that the pair see each other most likely twice a week, as they are still co-parenting their daughter, Harriett. Even though nothing much has changed between the two, that doesn’t mean the reunion between the two exes still won’t be emotional, especially for the fans who haven’t seen them together since April left.

In March, Sarah Drew shared pictures from set that showed he reuniting with Jesse Williams, and it sent Japril fans into a frenzy. And it looked as if that dynamic between Jackson and April, as well as Drew and Williams, hasn’t changed one bit, despite Drew leaving the series three years ago. Even though fans shouldn’t expect too much out of the Japril reunion, since it won’t be much of a reunion for the characters, it will still be nice to see them together once again after a few seasons.

Whatever happens between Japril, and whether or not lingering feelings will be revealed or kept secret, fans will find out soon enough! Don’t miss Sarah Drew’s return to Grey’s Anatomy on Thursday, May 6 at 9 p.m. EST on ABC!

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