Below Deck’s Bugsy Drake Weighs In On Major Insult From Captain Sandy In Feud With Hannah Ferrier

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Below Deck alums are weathering the rough seas of the real world which don’t include super yachts. Captain Sandy and former chief stewardess Hannah Ferrier have been publicly trading jabs about one another ever since Ferrier’s termination from Season 5 of Below Deck Med for having undeclared drugs aboard. Ferrier would later claim that Captain Sandy was “TV competitive” with her, which Captain Sandy quickly denied and also stated the chief stew role was someone who only “waits tables.” Now, Bugsy Drake, who was smack dab in the middle of the Season 5 hoopla, is giving some perspective on the major chief stew insult and the ongoing feud.

It’s no secret to fans that Hannah Ferrier and Bugsy Drake never got along on Below Deck Med. In fact, Drake called Ferrier a "lousy" chief stew to her face in Season 2 and Ferrier outright disliked her before, during, and ever since then. But, Drake apparently doesn’t hold that against her when it comes to what Captain Sandy said about chief stews merely being wait staff. Drake said to US Weekly,

I can understand the backlash of like where Hannah stands in terms of saying that she just waits tables. Like, I don’t agree with that comment because a chief stewardess goes above and beyond, like, just waiting tables.

According to Bugsy Drake, who took over as chief stew when Hannah Ferrier was fired on Below Deck Med, Captain Sandy’s comment wasn’t “fair” because the chief stew wears many hats. She describes how they not only wait tables but “oversee the entire guest experience,” which includes scheduling itineraries, ensuring fine dining standards, and also helping take care of crew needs.

Nevertheless, Bugsy Drake is willing to defend Captain Sandy. Drake thinks that the supposed major insult Captain Sandy dealt Hannah Ferrier was actually “taken a little out of context” and wasn’t “malicious.” She says that they have “a close relationship” and knows Captain Sandy has “a lot of respect for any chief stewardess that works with her.”

That’s definitely not how Hannah Ferrier, and maybe some fans, view things. She was very publicly fired by the captain for secretly having valium and weed aboard the yacht. Ferrier may have had somewhat of an attitude about the proceedings, but fans witnessed her severely struggling with anxiety throughout that season of Below Deck Med. So, the awkward and a bit callous handling of Ferrier’s termination was disappointing for many who considered the two as fan-favorites.

Bugsy Drake warned that Bravo viewers may not fully understand the severity of Maritime Law. Drake stated that “it’s not just a Hollywood production” and that Captain Sandy’s job would’ve been “at stake” if she hadn’t fired Hannah Ferrier. Drake continued,

I think a lot of it was misjudged just by viewers who don’t understand the full extent of how badly things could have gone if they hadn’t taken the stance that they had. But, with that said, I’ve commented before, that a lot of things could have been handled a lot better.

Considering that Bugsy Drake never had the best relationship with Hannah Ferrier, it’s a wonder that she’s taken to defending her former chief stewardess. Ferrier likely wouldn't do the same if the roles were reversed.

Below Deck Med has yet to be renewed for its next season. But, fans can still watch new Below Deck Sailing Yacht episodes, which air Mondays at 9 p.m. EST, on Bravo.

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