Sam Heughan Shares Sweaty Workout Photo And Routine He Uses To Stay Outlander Fit

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All you have to do is watch a few episodes of Outlander to see that some of the actors have been known to spend a bit of time on screen without being fully dressed. If any of us had agreed to be in such a position, with pretty much the whole world able to see a lot of your real, actual body, we'd likely do a lot to make sure everything was as well-maintained as possible. Of course, Outlander star Sam Heughan seems to be a big proponent of exercise, in general, and he's shared a sweaty workout photo where he detailed the exact routine he uses to stay Outlander fit.

Sam Heughan is no stranger to showing off his workouts on social media, as the actor also loves to encourage others to stay fit. In fact, while we were all in the midst of quarantine madness / laziness last year, he used a very intense shirtless photo of himself using a giant rock as a weight during an exercise routine to try and keep everyone motivated. Now, Heughan is working toward his My Peak Challenge goals for 2021, and posted another full workout to Instagram to show everyone one of the ways in which he keeps himself in top sometimes-Jamie-is-naked form:

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While this photo might not be as hardcore as celebrity workout posts have been known to get, I do like that this looks completely do-able for a regular person, and how Heughan looks like anyone you could see working out in your local gym. The equipment that's around him isn't even that fancy, and can probably be bought on a pretty modest budget. Though, I have to admit, many of the descriptions for what he actually did to workout are totally foreign to me.

OK, that's my gentle way of saying I had to Google roughly 90% of the terms in Sam Heughan's caption. AMRAP, apparently, simply stands for "as many reps (or rounds) as possible" of an established routine, which you complete in a set amount of time. DB clean, by the way, just means that Heughan did some dumbbell lifting, while a KB gorilla row is a move which makes you stand like a gorilla (literally) while you lift kettlebells. And, in case you're wondering, the Russian twist is not a move meant to kill an opponent in a wrestling ring, but an ab workout that requires a lot of core strength.

I don't know about you, but I really hope that "30sec ball slam" is actually just permission to jump into a ball pit like a little kid and relax, because I feel like anyone who did this workout would certainly deserve at least that upon finishing.

It's clear that Sam Heughan has a passion for fitness, which I'm sure has come in very handy during his time on Outlander. Not only is his Jamie Fraser sometimes in one state of undress or another on the hit romantic drama, but he's been known to do a lot of fighting, and stunt work is no joke. It's good to know that Heughan is staying in top form as he films the long-awaited Season 6, and that we will probably get to see some amazing sexytimes and battle scenes when it finally hits the small screen.

Outlander Season 6 doesn't have an official debut date on Starz just yet, but you can check out all of the 2021 summer TV premieres in the meantime!

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