The Voice Season 17: Top 3 Frontrunners Most Likely To Win After The Latest Eliminations

The Voice coaches Nick Jonas, Kelly Clarkson, John Legend, Blake Shelton
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Spoiler alert! Spoilers ahead for who advanced and who was eliminated in Season 20 of The Voice after their live Top 17 Performances.

The Voice eliminated almost half of its contestants on its Top 17 Results show — going from seventeen singers to just nine — and after rounds and rounds of Blind Auditions, Battles and Knockouts, the field has been whittled down to the best of the best. Blake Shelton, Nick Jonas, Kelly Clarkson and John Legend, with the help of some friends including Mega Mentor Snoop Dogg, have done their part in shaping the teams, and from here on out, it’s up to America’s vote.

America was given the chance to vote overnight on the Top 17 Performances after Season 20’s first live show. The results were revealed, sending the top vote-getter on each team through to next week’s Semifinals. Then each coach got to choose a team member to advance. Of each team’s remaining contestants, the lower vote-getters were eliminated, while the four others competed for an Instant Save and the ninth spot in the Live Semifinals. Confused yet? Not to worry. All you need to know is to keep your eye on these three contestants, who I think are the most likely to take it all the way.

Cam Anthony (Team Blake)

Blake Shelton’s unconventional strategy of clearing the lane for Cam Anthony to be the only contestant of his genre on the traditionally country team has certainly worked out for both of them. Anthony has exhibited star power since the Blind Auditions, when Nick Jonas broke John Legend’s heart by using his Block. Legend also served Anthony the biggest compliment in the Knockout Round, saying he was jealous of the choices Anthony made on “Feeling Good.” Anthony’s live performance of “Take Me to Church” was confident and finale-worthy, and his smile is just the icing on the cake.

Dana Monique (Team Nick)

Dana Monique came into The Voice singing Aretha Franklin, which immediately speaks to her talent and courage. In her time on the show, she has tackled (and slayed) everything from Ariana Grande to The Temptations to Tina Turner. When she ended her Top 17 performance of “Free Your Mind” by throwing her hat, I just about threw my shoe at the TV screen. The only shame to be had here is that Nick Jonas had to save Monique from elimination, as opposed to her being voted through by America. Let’s call that a fluke.

Kenzie Wheeler (Team Kelly)

The very first Blind Audition of Season 20. The first Block of the season. The only Four-Chair Turn remaining in the competition. Kenzie Wheeler, and his deeper-than-should-be-allowed man voice set the bar high and hasn’t disappointed. Many contestants have come onto The Voice and tried to tackle country favorites, and there’s a risk involved with such a passionate fanbase when you take on their classics. But Wheeler’s rendition of “Red Dirt Road” did Brooks & Dunn justice, and then some. Country artists always find success on The Voice, and there’s no reason to think Wheeler can’t go all the way (Blake Shelton certainly does).

We’ve worked all season to get to the live performances, and now it’s almost over. The Voice returns next Monday at 8 p.m. ET on NBC for the Semifinals, and Tuesday for another Results show. Be sure to tune in to see these three, as well as the other talented singers who have worked so hard. And check out our 2021 TV schedule so you never miss your favorite shows.

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