Why Candace Cameron Bure Still Gets Nervous Starring In Hallmark's Christmas Movies

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If you spend the latter part of every year watching the made for TV Christmas movies which Hallmark and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries put out every year, then you probably know at least two things. One, that small towns and real Christmas trees are always better than big cities and trees you buy from Target and pull out every December. And, two, that you're most likely going to see former Fuller House star Candace Cameron Bure in one of that year's holiday films. But, even with all of her time spent filming Christmas movies for Hallmark, Cameron Bure recently said that she still gets nervous doing them, and opened up about why.

Candace Cameron Bure has been a working actor since 1983, when she made her on-screen debut as a small child in the sitcom classic, Alice. While she's continued to thrive in her many beloved television parts in the years since, she's also become known for her many starring roles in a number of Hallmark movies, which include several of the network's annual holiday offerings. But, when chatting with Daily Blast Live recently, the star admitted to still being nervous when it comes time to film her Hallmark Christmas movies, and noted:

There's something about the Christmas movies, because they're very special, and people love them so much. They genuinely mean a lot to them during the Christmas season, and so when you have some of the most anticipated movies, it’s been a layer of pressure that gets added every year to make sure the movie's gonna be as good as the next one.

Seriously, Candace? I mean, it never would have occurred to me that Candace Cameron Bure, one of the queens of Hallmark movies, would be even the tiniest bit thrown by starring in any of their films, as she's been doing it for so long. Cameron Bure has starred in eight of Hallmark's Christmas movies since 2008, with her having one new film a year since 2014. Though, now that I've heard her comment, I can see where she's coming from.

Hallmark Christmas movies have millions upon millions of fans, and they literally tune in every year in droves to watch whatever new films are on tap for that holiday season. Dozens of the original movies are turned out on a yearly basis, with more and more being produced, and the appetite for them growing as the catalog does. And, it would make some sense that, in knowing how highly anticipated all of these movies are, Cameron Bure would feel some pressure to make sure she (and the movie overall) delivers what fans want every time.

If you do what a lot of viewers do, and watch all or nearly all of the new holiday movies every year to help your Christmas cheer along, but you land on a stinker, well, take it from me, it can really kill the vibe.

Luckily, Candace Cameron Bure has pulled out all the stops for every one of her Hallmark Christmas movies, and helped protect the happy holiday vibes of anyone watching her films, so here's hoping she can calm down a bit as she films her next one.

We've got a while yet before the 2021 Hallmark Christmas movies are announced, so be sure to check out our summer TV premiere schedule for what you can watch in the coming weeks!

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