Supernatural's Jensen Ackles Is Almost Unrecognizable With New Look For The Boys Season 3

Amazon’s anti-superhero series The Boys is currently filming the third season, and gearing up for a spin-off. While the story is a secret,Season 3 is already shaping up to be a big one. Supernatural’s Jensen Ackles was announced last year to be joining the series as the original superhero, Soldier Boy. And while fans have yet to see Ackles donning the costume, he is sporting a new look that is most likely for the upcoming season. And it's hard to even recognize him.

Jensen Ackles took to his Instagram Stories to give fans an update on his quarantine beard. The photo was a response to wife, Danneel Ackles’ comment on Neil Patrick Harris’ Instagram post where he was cleaning his bathroom while shirtless during quarantine. The One Tree Hill alum’s comment was demanding shirtless Canadian Quarantine content immediately from her husband, and he delivered.

Jensen Ackles Quarantine Content Instagram.

Last summer it was announced that Jensen Ackles will be joining Season 3 of The Boys as the original superhero, Soldier Boy. The news came as Ackles was getting ready to film the final episodes of the long-running CW series Supernatural, which came to an end last November after 15 seasons. The actor is reuniting with Supernatural creator Eric Kripke, who also created The Boys. There hasn’t been an official look at what Soldier Boy will be like, but with the superhero being clean-shaven in the comics and the season currently filming, it’s possible that this look will be for the upcoming season. And Ackles is almost unrecognizable as a result.

While Jensen Ackles has been known to go full beard while he was on hiatus from filming Supernatural, and while in quarantine for the COVID-19 pandemic, not many are used to seeing him with a beard onscreen. It will be interesting to see whether or not the beard will be for Soldier Boy. But if not, could it be for something else or just that Ackles, like much of the world, is just bored in quarantine and wanted to let it grow while he could?

Production on Season 3 of The Boys started in January and except for some teasing from Eric Kripke, not too much is known about what exactly will happen in the upcoming season. Kripke did promise that “payback” is on the way and that fans aren’t “fucking ready” for what’s in store. Since the show has been getting more dark and crazy, Kripke mentioned that he’s worried about how much he’s enjoying writing for the third season, which won’t go away now that Jensen Ackles is part of the series.

It’s not yet known when exactly Season 3 of The Boys will premiere, but the first two seasons are streaming on Amazon Prime so you have plenty of time to rewatch all the gory, racy and hilarious moments of the show so far.

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