Even The Boston Red Sox Have A TikTok Take On Ben Affleck And Jennifer Lopez After A-Rod Split

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez in Gigli
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Reports seem to indicate that Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are back together: hanging out, canoodling, reconnecting. Whatever you want to call it, fans have been absolutely living for the possibility of a second coming of early 2000s Bennifer. It was kind of surprising, too, considering JLo just announced her split from Alex Rodriguez last month. Now though, the Boston Red Sox seem to be weighing in on the situation with a slightly shady TikTok take.

The Boston Red Sox are, in fact, Ben Affleck’s team of choice. Jennifer Lopez was even spotted at many games in the Bennifer 1.0 heyday. When she started dating former Yankees player Alex Rodriguez, however, things changed. But a few days ago, the Boston Red Sox seemed to be having a little harmless fun regarding the situation. On the team's TikTok account, the organization posted a tribute of JLo at their games and coyly said, “Miss you, J-Lo,” as “Never Forget You” played in the background. Check out the shady TikTok here:

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Now yes, we know, we know, the post doesn’t explicitly name either Ben Affleck or A-Rod. But given the timing of events, we can read between the lines. It’s what the Real Housewives refer to as “fun shade,” and I love it.

The Boston Red Sox’s TikTok about JLo, though, could actually be a response to A-Rod’s own realization of Bennifer 2.0. When asked by paparazzi last week about JLo and Ben Affleck, the former MLB player only said, “Go Yankees,” which seemed to be playful shade at the Yankees’ nemesis and Affleck’s favorite team, the Boston Red Sox. Who knew celebrity breakups could cross multiple spheres of influence?

The Jersey Girl stars were spotted hanging out only a few weeks after JLo’s split from A-Rod, and it was enough for everyone to start speculating about the particulars. Some reports even indicate that Affleck was attempting to reconnect with his former fiancée through emails while she was still with A-Rod. JLo’s old publicist recently shared that Affleck has always managed to make JLo feel low-key and normal. All it took in those days was a red Solo cup in hand, apparently.

Though a new romance is far from confirmed, it's hard to blame JLo for seemingly moving on so quickly. Though the exact reason for the breakup was missing from the couple's official statement on the matter, the split been filled with plenty of drama, including reconciliations, crying kids and rumors of A-Rod cheating.

But now, JLo can just sit back in her post-breakup hair change, wait for another one of her star-studded movies to come out and relax with Ben Affleck in Yellowstone, with a nice red Solo cup. And if she wants to trade in her blue uniform for a red one, the Boston Red Sox team certainly wouldn’t mind.

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