How SEAL Team May Have Set Up Jason's Next Big Problem In The Season 4 Finale

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for the SEAL Team Season 4 finale "One Life To Live." Read at your own risk!

Jason Hayes and the rest of the SEAL Team crew faced some real adversity in Season 4, and while it's hard to call the season finale a happy ending for the characters, things are certainly more positive than they once were. With that said, with some problems over, other characters will face new ones as the CBS series transfers over to Paramount+.

One problem was teased in the final moments of the season finale when Jason got that headache during his conversation with Clay. TVLine spoke to executive producer Spencer Hudnut about the headache, and he broke down the moment and where it could lead the character in the upcoming season.

Well, I think it’s just a reminder that Jason is at an age where, as much as he’s evolved this past season, there’s a good chance we’re going to see a more balanced version of both Bravo 1 and Jason, a bit closer to the guy that we saw in the flashbacks in the first episode of the season. This guy’s been fighting this war for 20 years, and I think the question is: Will he be able kind of outrun all of that combat and all that trauma, even as he improves as a human being? There’s just a hint of maybe a dark cloud hanging over him as Jason moves into the next phase of his life.

Clay hinted Jason's 20 years in service could be catching up with him shortly after the leader of the Bravo team walked away. Jason is used to being the hero who put the squad on his back when things get rough, but given his age and years of combat catching up, he may have to adapt his methods and learn to start putting more trust in others in his team to do the job he can't.

SEAL Team fans may be curious as to just how serious Jason's headache is, and of course, Spencer Hudnut was careful not to reveal too much. With that said, Hudnut was asked if Jason had suffered a traumatic brain injury and laid out the situation as plainly as he could.

There’s definitely a world where that’s open to interpretation, because he did just come off the battlefield and had an RPG blow up close to him. It could just be from that blast, but as you know, he’s been exposed to a number of head traumas and we know what that potentially leads to in operators. At this point, it’s obviously more than just a 'headache.'

Based on that comment, it does seem like Jason's issue is a bit more serious than he let on. With that said, I would be surprised if it is enough to effectively sideline him from Bravo team, if only because we already went through that with another storyline in Season 4. Nothing is certain, though, especially with Season 5 headed to Paramount+. Could the series be laying the groundwork for Jason's eventual exit?

We can only await SEAL Team's eventual return for Season 5 on Paramount+. Fans looking for something to watch in the meantime should certainly check out our summer premiere guide, which is absolutely loaded with new shows to get into over the next few months.

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