Why SEAL Team's Bravo Isn't Out Of Trouble Yet Following Jason's Verdict

Warning! The following contains spoilers for the SEAL Team episode "Limits Of Loyalty." Read at your own risk!

Jason Hayes was under some heat in his court martial hearing, but as SEAL Team viewers may have expected, the Master Chief beat the case. Jason was acquitted of all charges, and while there was a big celebration to be had by all of Bravo Team about that victory, it doesn't sound like the team is quite out of the woods yet when it comes to issues.

SEAL Team is on break for two weeks, but a preview for an upcoming episode featured some of the drama the team will face. During the preview, it was said that even though Bravo Team was in the clear, they'd be under a microscope for the next eight weeks. That means they have to all keep their noses clean, which may be easier for some than others.

For example, that scrutiny could very well expose the relationship between Sonny and Lisa, which they've been keeping on the down-low for obvious reasons. Sonny and Lisa would probably be able to throw folks off the trail as they have in the past, though their teased relationship roadblock in the latest episode may make that easier said than done. Lisa was clearly not okay with the relationship Sonny has with his baby's mother, and yet, she knew she couldn't ask him to just let it go.

Another potential issue could surface with Ray and his wife, Naima. SEAL Team revealed Naima didn't know the full scope of what happened to Ray when he was captured, and when she tried to talk with him about it, he tensed up. The promo from an upcoming episode showed Ray shoving Naima as he walked away from his home, which could lead to a call from police if things get too serious or a neighbor is concerned.

Beyond all that, Bravo Team will likely need to continue to go on missions in which any number of things could go wrong. After all, we saw how a case was made against Jason Hayes even though he and the team operated inside the line of what was acceptable. Something like that could happen any mission the team goes out on, so it could only be a matter of time before Jason or anyone else is in the hot seat.

With that said, I don't think SEAL Team would try to court martial members of Bravo Team in back-to-back arcs. I don't really know what drama could hit the team next, though I have to think that after Jason got off easy, the next time the hammer drops on the team it's going to stick.

SEAL Team (opens in new tab) airs on CBS Wednesdays at 9:00 p.m. ET. As mentioned, it'll be two weeks before a new episode is on television, so perhaps read up on some other military shows in the meantime, like the upcoming Amazon series that features Chris Pratt as a SEAL.

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