Carmen Electra Is All About The Swimsuit Photos And It’s Like No Time Has Passed Since Baywatch

After stunning a lot of folks with her youthful looks during last year’s Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls-focused documentary The Last Dance, Carmen Electra has been busy on social media. Recently, the weather has been heating back up, which also means it is prime time for bikini and swimwear photos and Electra has not disappointed her fans. In fact, it’s really like no time at all has passed since the actress and host’s Baywatch days.

Carmen Electra turned 49 last month, but you wouldn’t know it from the posts she shares on social media. The actress started her career as a dancer and a model who posed in Playboy and she’s still camera-ready all these years later. Now the weather’s heating back up, she’s slipping back into retro-looking swimwear gear and sharing some sage advice from Marilyn Monroe (a timely reference given the Blonde movie coming out) to boot.

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While Carmen Electra has slowed down on the acting front, she did go viral in 2020 for an appearance in The Last Dance. It was the first time a lot of her fans had heard from her in a while and she spoke candidly about her time with Bulls player Dennis Rodman and the whirlwind of her fame she experienced at that time.

The move put her back in the public eye and with good timing, too, as we’re heading straight into bikini season and Carmen Electra is harkening back to her Baywatch days.

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Though it’s worth pointing out that Carmen Electra has gone blonde since the ‘90s when she rocked brunette hair and the red swimsuit, she has recently thought about going back to her roots--her hair roots that is. She asked the internet if she should go back to her original color recently and her pal Jenny McCarthy cheekily responded by saying, “You could go bald and still be the most beautiful woman alive.” Shots fired at Bella Hadid, who was ranked the most beautiful woman in the world in one study.

Meanwhile, Baywatch is coming back into the mainstream, but not because Zac Efron, Dwayne Johnson and Alexandra Daddario are going to take another stab at the iconic franchise. Instead, Lily James and Sebastian Stan are taking on the task of playing notorious couple Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee and the first looks at the Hulu series have James in the iconic red swimsuit and more. It's going to be a very Baywatch-oriented year, so keep your eyes peeled.

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