Kyle Richards Claps Back At Lisa Vanderpump After That ‘New Nose’ Comment

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Feuds are dime a dozen on Bravo’s plethora of reality shows. But feuds that run outside the purview of the show and stem from an almost 10-year friendship are kind of unheard of, which is exactly what’s happened between Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. The two have been going back and forth as of late over a restaurant bill of all things. But with Vanderpump’s “new nose” commentary, things are getting out of hand, and Richards is clapping back.

The feud was initially reignited between the former friends when Lisa Vanderpump spotted Kyle Richards at a restaurant in Los Angeles and playfully sent over her bill to be paid. Richards apparently refused to pay for her and would later accuse Vanderpump of effectively dining and dashing. As an owner of multiple restaurants herself, Vanderpump, of course, denied the insinuations and said to Daily Pop, “She should keep her new nose out of my business.” In response to Vanderpump calling out her “new nose,” Richards said:

I don't care what she says, it's not important.

Kyle Richards’ sisters, Kim Richards and Kathy Hilton, were there when she was asked about the nose comment. Kim only laughed, but Hilton actually came to the defense of Lisa Vanderpump, saying she “loves Kyle” and “would never do that.” It was speculated that this was shade on Hilton’s part. Maybe, but if Hilton, a newcomer on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, doesn’t yet know it, Vanderpump very much would do that.

It’s like watching a tennis match of shady commentary between the ladies. But the “new nose” comment from Lisa Vanderpump doesn’t seem to hold much weight for Kyle Richards. She was actually very upfront about getting her nose done in the Season 11 opener of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, so it's likely she really doesn’t care what's said about it.

Lisa Vanderpump left the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in 2019 after an adopted dog storyline started to spiral. The ladies accused Vanderpump of leaking the story and making former star Teddi Mellencamp her fall guy. But it was when Kyle Richards called her longtime friend a liar that their feud started and has yet to stop.

The queen of sassy comments, Lisa Vanderpump, might be glad that she’s far away from the drama circulating in the latest season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. In the last episode, Sutton Stracke got into a racially charged argument with series newcomer Crystal Kung Minkoff, the first Asian-American housewife on Beverly Hills. Stracke publicly apologized over the matter, and Kung Minkoff accepted.

However, it doesn’t seem like there will be any newfound growth or apologies exchanged between Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards, at least at the moment. It’s kind of a shame for fans who once saw them as the Sonja Morgan and Ramona Singer of the West Coast.

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