Katherine Heigl And Sarah Chalke Are Super Pumped About Netflix's Firefly Lane Season 2 Renewal

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It’s no small thing for a new show to get greenlit for a second season. Many pilots and one-season wonders get the chop, and a second season pick-up could mean the difference between a hit and a cancellation. That must be why Firefly Lane stars Katherine Heigl and Sarah Chalke have been so excited on Instagram - Netflix just renewed the time-hopping drama for Season 2.

Katherine Heigl and Sarah Chalke, who respectively play daytime talk show host Tully Hart and recent divorcee Kate Mularkey, took to Instagram in celebration. The pair hosted a virtual question-and-answer session with fans to shed some light on what to expect in Season 2. Check it out below:

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Sarah Chalke revealed that the upcoming season of Firefly Lane will include some family-related drama between Tully and Kate (and, apparently, it has nothing to do with Johnny), but couldn’t say much more. Katherine Heigl’s excitement was clear, though: she and Sarah Chalke made a virtual toast to the second season with pink bubbly and red wine. They both can’t wait to celebrate in person, although we don’t know when the actresses will begin filming the next batch of episodes. The video ends with Sarah Chalke promising that Firefly Lane Season 2 will be worth the wait, and that all of the fans’ questions would be answered in time.

The duo’s enthusiasm for Firefly Lane is well documented on Instagram, with each actress posting behind-the-scenes photos and frequently interacting with the other’s posts.

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I particularly like this one, which shows Katherine Heigl and Sarah Chalke in their finest retro regalia.

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The outfits make sense, considering that the storyline of Firefly Lane (adapted from the novel by Kristin Hannah) follows childhood best friends Tully Hart and Kate Mularkey from their first encounter as teens in the 1970s up until present day. Actresses Ali Skovbye and London Roberston portray the duo as teens, but Katherine Heigl and Sarah Chalke take over for most of their lives. That means some pretty choice nostalgic outfits and bright neon eyeshadow.

It’s not all disco and free love, though: as Tully and Kate age, they also grow apart. Tully grows up to be a successful daytime talk show host, while Kate has become a stay-at-home mom who’s also going through a divorce. The series jumps back and forth in the timeline, showing viewers the key moments that ended up shaping the lives of both women, and how they deal with the consequences of their past decisions.

While we don’t know when Firefly Lane Season 2 will premiere, we do know that you can catch up on the first season on Netflix. Have you already seen it? CinemaBlend has the scoop on what movies are coming to Netflix this June, as well as some new releases.

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