Love, Victor Season 2 Clip Heats Things Up For Victor And Benji And I Can't Wait

Last summer’s Love, Simon spinoff Love, Victor turned out to be a must-binge that followed a young Victor as he navigated life in high school as a closeted gay teen. Throughout the first season, Michael Cimino’s character starts to fall for the local coffee shop’s cute barista, George Sear’s Benji. By the end of the season, Benji had broken up with his boyfriend to be with Victor, and their relationship left some major cliffhangers for the budding couple.

As we pick up with Love, Victor in Season 2 coming next Friday, June 11, it looks like a lot is going to be falling into place for Victor and Benji. In a new clip from Hulu (playing above) the high schoolers seem to get physical everywhere they go, whether it's at work, their bedrooms or in between classes. The only problem is all the funny roadblocks that get into their way.

As Hulu seductively teases, the “interruptions stop” when the show premieres next week. So, in other words it sounds like a major storyline of the season could be Victor and Benji opting to take the next step and possibly have sex in Season 2. Having sex would be a key step for the relationship, and I especially can’t wait to see the groundbreaking show explore this topic for a teen audience representing the LGBTQ+ community from a Gen Z perspective.

The first season of Love, Victor was originally going to be a Disney+ show, until the decision was made to move it to Hulu instead. The co-showrunner Brian Tanen expressed last year his excitement to explore “more adult stories” as the series progresses, and the show is clearly going that route as Victor and Benji will undoubtedly have some conversations about teen sex.

It’s safe to say that this is not a direction the series may have gone if it tackled on Disney+, but an important one that the teens watching shows like Love, Victor already have on their minds either way. In 2020, Love, Victor became the most binged drama of the year and there will be even more eyes on it this Pride Month as the show continues to explore important topics to young people.

Love, Victor balanced a ton of different topics throughout its season as Victor’s parents were dealing with an impending divorce and the teen was figuring out how to accept his gay identity while closeted and in a straight relationship with Rachel Hilson’s Mia. By the end of the season, Victor decided to embrace his authentic self with Benji, but it left Mia heartbroken. He also came out to his parents, but we have no idea what happened in response.

All ten episodes of Love, Victor Season 2 are coming to Hulu on June 11, along with a number of exciting new streaming releases.

Sarah El-Mahmoud
Staff Writer

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