The Boys’ Jensen Ackles Calls Out Stephen Amell, More Stars Over How Hard It Is To Stay In Hero Shape

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It’s not easy being a superhero. Saving people from burning buildings, rescuing cats from the tops of trees - it’s a tall order. But that’s nothing compared to the exercise regimen most heroes have to endure... or at least, the actors who play them. Just ask Jensen Ackles.

The Supernatural veteran, coming off the final season of the hit CW show, recently posted a video of his superhero workout routine on Instagram. He’s playing Soldier Boy on the upcoming third season of the Amazon Prime original series The Boys, and it shows. Check it out below:

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Jensen Ackles called out fellow CW stars Stephen Amell and Grant Gustin, who have both played superheroes on the network (Green Arrow and The Flash, respectively), in the caption. He said he’s beginning to understand “the struggle” of getting into superhero shape while lifting two large dumbbells, and that it was much easier for him when his only workout consisted of wearing flannel.

It’s true that Dean Winchester wasn’t really one for hitting the gym. His preferred form of exercise usually entailed a fistfight with whatever supernatural creature was out to get him that week. Green Arrow was much more active in his time, and The Flash is literally known for running.

Punching a demon may burn calories, but getting jacked is an entirely different process and probably not one Dean would have gone for. It involves a ton of weights and laying off the beer, which I’m sure would have been a rough choice for Dean. Soldier Boy, on the other hand, is portrayed in the comics as your typical muscle-bound superhero, so it’s only natural that his on-screen iteration matches the original.

Jensen Ackles also jokingly suggested that he could be struggling due to his age. If his enormous biceps were anything to go by, though, I don’t think that’s the case. Besides, he’s not even 45, and catching bad guys doesn’t have an age limit.

The Boys centers on the conflict between the Seven, a high-profile team of superheroes, and the titular group the Boys, a vigilante crew of humans looking to expose the Seven’s corruption. Based on a comic series, the show hasn’t shied away from the harsher realities of dealing with crime. And by hasn’t shied away, I mean leaned into the gore with unrestrained glee. It’s part of what makes the show stand out from other superhero media, which tends to gloss over the blood, sweat, and tears. The Amazon Prime original series is produced by Eric Kripke, who also created Supernatural and served as showrunner for the first five seasons.

The third season of The Boys doesn’t have a release date yet, but if the size of Jensen Ackles’ biceps are anything to go by, it will be worth the wait. The exercise might be tough, but hey, it makes for great television.

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