The Masked Singer’s Unicorn Explains Why Her Stint On The Show Was A ‘Badass Moment’ For Her

The Unicorn performing "Oops.... I Did It Again!" on The Masked Singer

The Masked Singer is a wonderful opportunity for celebrity contestants to create some anonymity, as the whole guessing game allows them to hide their identity from the public. For some, it marks a break from the onslaught of public scrutiny and a time to improve yourself, and that was the case for Season 1 contestant Unicorn, who recently explained why her stint on the Fox competition show amounted to a "badass moment" for her.

When people think of Tori Spelling, either her Beverly Hills 90210 days, wealthy background or personal situations come to mind. While this is something she's had to deal with for a while, The Masked Singer provided the perfect opportunity for her to boost her confidence. The actress said about her time at the Fox singing competition:

I love that show, I mean I’ve gone to years of therapy and nothing could build my confidence like The Masked Singer. The Masked Singer succeeded, I walked away from that experience with my shoulders back, my confidence up, my head held high. And to this day, you know, we have ebbs and flows in life, I’ll have moments when my self-worth and my insecurities creep back in. And I always think even though I’ve birthed five kids, that’s not my badass moment, Masked Singer as the Unicorn was my badass moment. And that’s the moment I go back to. And I’m like, ‘You walked out there and sang ‘Fight Song’ in front of all those people. You can do this’ And I put my shoulders back, I do my Unicorn thing, and I’m back in the moment. So, I’m so grateful.

It's beautiful to hear how the Unicorn inspired Tori Spelling as a competitor and as a person. While therapy works for many people, some may need more than a traditional, therapeutic experience to take on their issues. Dealing with insecurities can be a huge hurdle to overcome, but The Masked Singer allowed the television personality to do just that. It speaks volumes for her to even say that doing the Fox series was more badass than birthing her five children.

During Variety’s Masked Singer virtual panel, Tori Spelling expanded on why the show was important to her. She called her experience in the singing competition “empowering,” as no one knew it was her in the mystical costume. The actress felt safe behind the mask, given the media and public’s perception of her and her family and, with all of this in mind, it's understandable that Spelling would find comfort in being the Unicorn.

Being on The Masked Singer did indeed change some of the public’s perspective of Tori Spelling. Given the events of Season 5, one can certainly understand how the public would see a new side to a celebrity that they probably never knew existed. Thankfully, the Fox singing competition will eventually be back for Season 6 so more celebrities like Spelling can build their confidence and self-worth.

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