Why CBS' New Big Brother Video Could Mean The Return Of A Past Twist

Big Brother Season 23 is only a couple of weeks away, and fans have mainly been left in the dark about what to expect beyond "the unexpected." That may no longer be the case following the release of a recent video from the CBS series, though, which I believe could tease the return of a twist that has surfaced a lot in past seasons.

Fans have been waiting anxiously for a house reveal, a first look at the cast, or even a special message from host Julie Chen Moonves, so they probably didn't expect Big Brother to upload a rather strange video on Twitter. Check out the video below, which profiled some of the more notable duos of Season 22 and past seasons:

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With two weeks to go before Big Brother Season 23, why is the series asking fans about their favorite duos? We already know this season will feature an all-new cast, so I highly doubt this is a tease for returning Houseguests in the upcoming season. What does seem like a possibility, however, is that duos factor into the still-unknown twist for Season 23.

Duos have been used in various ways on Big Brother throughout the years, though the most popular one that comes to mind for me is from Season 6. In that season, Houseguests entered with one other person they knew from outside of the house. The other Houseguests did not know about the twist at first but eventually figured out that everyone had a partner in the house before the show made it known.

But as alluded to, Season 6 is not the only time Big Brother has incorporated duos during its lengthy history. In fact, some form of duo twist has been incorporated in Season 9 when houseguests were paired up, while a twin twist was utilized in Season 5 and 17. Season 13 also featured returning players with new houseguests connected to them. So if Big Brother Season 23 was going to feature another "duo" twist, would it be that surprising?

We already know the theme of Big Brother Season 23 is the BB Beachouse, but we haven't had a lot to go on in terms of the twist. The only real information given was that players would be able to take "big risks" for "big rewards." That could literally mean anything, though it's not something that would make me think of duos necessarily. Let's just be glad that it won't be much longer before fans learn all the secrets of Season 23.

Big Brother Season 23 premieres on CBS Wednesday, July 7th at 8:00 p.m. ET. And after the season premiere, stick with CinemaBlend all season long for in-depth analysis on all of the drama that is sure to come out of this upcoming season.

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