Big Brother Winner Mike 'Boogie' Malin Sentenced For Dr. Will Stalking Case

Mike Boogie and Dr. Will in the Big Brother diary room Big Brother All-Stars

Dr. Will Kirby and Mike "Boogie" Malin were fast friends when they first formed their alliance "Chilltown" and have appeared on the show several times together since. In recent years things soured between the two, and Malin crossed the line with his former friend to the point that charges were filed against him for felony stalking. Now, two years after the incident, a court document revealed Malin changed his plea in the case to "nolo contendere" (no contest) and has been sentenced.

Mike Boogie was sentenced to two years probation for a felony stalking charge that he originally pled not guilty to. According to US Weekly, the original Big Brother All-Stars winner will spend three days in a Los Angeles County jail and attend a 30-day residential treatment program. Mike Boogie will pay $70 in fees, as well as $300 in restitution to the court. It's also said that Mike will need to pay restitution to Dr. Will Kirby, though the amount will be determined at a later court date.

Mike Malin will also be required to complete 160 hours of community service and will be unable to purchase any firearms or ammunition due to the sentence one record. He must also relinquish any firearms he has to authorities. Malin will be required to submit his DNA for a database and must maintain residence approved by his probation officer. In a previous ruling, Dr. Will Kirby was also granted a restraining order against Malin, which prevented the Big Brother alumnus from going near Dr. Will or any of his 66 LaserAway clinics in the nation.

The latest news is the end of a saga that has been ongoing between Mike Malin and Dr. Will Kirby for years. As mentioned, the two were thick as thieves in each Big Brother season they appeared on (Seasons 2 and 7), but as the years went on, that relationship soured.

According to the original petition for the restraining order filed by Dr. Will Kirby, he and Mike Boogie were contacted by CBS in around 2017 or 2018 to do The Amazing Race. Kirby declined, which resulted in Malin frequently harassing Dr. Will and Will's brother Ian with threatening texts and calls. Will finally went to authorities after Malin sent him an email which, among other things, reportedly included pictures in which he had a gun pointed at a picture of Will's 6-year-old daughter and his wife.

The trial result is just the latest in Mike "Boogie" Malin's legal woes, which have been ongoing for some time. Malin was arrested in 2020 for a DUI and drug possession and faced criticism from the Big Brother fandom for racist remarks made towards Bayleigh Dayton and Chris "Swaggy C" Williams. Hopefully, these troubles are the end of a long line of problems for a formerly beloved star of Big Brother.

Big Brother's new episodes are set to premiere Wednesday, July 7 at 8:00 p.m. ET. Those out of the loop on what's ahead in this upcoming season can get up to speed thanks to our handy what we know so far about Big Brother Season 23.

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