Big Brother Season 23: Premiere Date And Other Quick Things We Know

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Julie Chen recently revealed the premiere date for Big Brother Season 23 on CBS, which means we're officially in pre-season for one of America's best reality shows. The Big Brother franchise is one where fans have been conditioned to expect the unexpected, which may lead some to assume we know next to nothing about the upcoming season. That's actually not true, and for anyone out of the loop, we actually know a good deal about what's to come in the latest season of the reality series.

Sure, we're still missing some of the major details, but everything from the premiere date, the house theme, and what to expect from the cast can all be found in this handy guide. As the weeks dwindle down to the big premiere, be sure to keep this list on file to continually speculate on any and all new details that may come along the way. We'll undoubtedly have all new rumors and speculation about the new season on CinemaBlend, but first, let's cover all the things about this coming season that we already know.

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Big Brother Season 23 Premieres July 7th

Unlike the previous season of Big Brother, which was postponed months due to COVID-19, Season 23 of Big Brother will return to its standard premiere time frame on CBS. Julie Chen officially announced that the series would return Wednesday, July 7th, the same night that audiences will get the premiere of Season 3 of Love Island. The two shows will make for a big night for reality television all-around, and hopefully, a fun summer for both shows. Big Brother fans deserve a great season after many were left disappointed by Big Brother All-Stars, so hopefully, we aren't let down.

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Big Brother Episodes Will Air Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays

Big Brother Season 23 will start off with a normal airing schedule, which means new episodes Sundays and Wednesdays, and Thursdays (which will be the live eviction show) at 8:00 p.m. ET beginning Sunday, July 11th. This means the opening week won't air an episode on Thursday, but after that, things will proceed as normal. With that said, CBS has been known to change times and dates during a season to accommodate other programming occasionally, though don't expect this to happen without ample warning from Julie Chen.

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There Will Be A Live Move-In Special

Season 23 of Big Brother will bring back the live move-in special, which will take place on the premiere night, Wednesday, July 7th. The move-in special is said to be 90-minutes long, and if it's like last year, it will contain a series of minigames to help determine the first Head of Household in the competition. Hopefully, they'll double-check all the doors are unlocked this year before the cast takes a house tour, but honestly, I kind of want to see that breakdown happen live on air yet again.

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Season 23 Will Feature An All-New Cast

Big Brother fans who had their fill of returning Houseguests after Season 22 can take solace in the fact that Season 23 will feature an entirely all-new cast, based on what CBS said in their announcement. Barring any surprise twists on that, with no returning houseguests this season, the odds are at least somewhat better now that everyone entering the house won't have an unfair advantage having experienced the game before. Of course, there will likely still be a mix of superfans of the series who know how to play and influencers recruited by the show who have never watched, but that's more or less unavoidable anymore.

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The Cast Is Expected Have More Diversity Than Previous Seasons

CBS announced in November of 2020 that it intended to include at least 50 percent of people of color in its reality television going forward. This is especially notable for Big Brother, whose fandom has complained in years past that minorities tend to struggle in the game and face further adversity than a white competitor. In short, Season 23 may look very different than past seasons of Big Brother and may go a long way to combat some of the uglier controversies the franchise has suffered from over the years.

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Season 23's House Theme Is BB Beach Club

Julie Chen revealed during a Clubhouse Q&A that the theme for this season is the "BB Beach Club" and noted that we could all use a vacation after 2020. When asked if whether or not an actual beach was involved, Chen was cryptic but the CBS announcement detailed that Houseguests would experience a "high-stakes" summer with big risks and rewards. It sounds like a twist involving gambling may be on the table as well, but we can only speculate on that part of the details.

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Live Feeds Will Air On Paramount+

Big Brother's live feeds will return in Season 23, and as expected, they will air on the rebranded streaming platform Paramount+. We're not entirely sure when the live feeds will begin, but one thing that has been teased is that more details about multiplatform features will be announced in the weeks leading to Season 23's premiere. That could mean nothing for Big Brother, though Love Island will get exclusive footage that won't air on television, which has me optimistic Big Brother fans will get something that adds depth to the season as well.

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When Will We Learn About The Big Brother Season 23 Cast?

In a typical season, Big Brother casts are typically revealed about a week from the official premiere. This would presumably mean that we can expect the Season 23 cast to be revealed the week of June 27th. With that said, Big Brother All-Stars officially unveiled its cast during the live move-in special, though there may be some reasons for that exception. We'll see which method Season 23 goes for, but I can't imagine a live reveal, considering fans won't know these new houseguests, so the impact won't be as great.

As mentioned, Big Brother Season 23 is set to kick off on CBS Wednesday, July 7 at 8:00 p.m. ET. Get excited for the big premiere with other updates on Big Brother players of the past, such as Christine Varner's recent comments on whether or not Frankie Grande got additional help during Season 16.

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