6 Ted Lasso Questions We Have Ahead Of Season 2

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Jason Sudeikis really turned the world on its head with his hilariously wholesome Apple TV+ series, so obviously, the world is ready for the premiere of Ted Lasso Season 2. Viewers are excited to see the continuing journey of Ted Lasso's coaching stint with AFC Richmond, as well as see the continuing adventures of the lovable cast of characters.

While it may not seem apparent at first, Season 1 left many big questions for viewers to wonder about ahead of Ted Lasso Season 2. Let's revisit some of the major questions presented towards the end of last season, and ones fans may be genuinely curious about given the nature of the series.

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Will AFC Richmond Play Well Enough To Get Back To Premier League?

As Rebecca expected when she hired American college football coach Ted Lasso to coach a professional soccer team, AFC Richmond did not perform well. In fact, the team headed into its final game of the season in danger of relegation, and in an ironic twist of fate, were sent there by former teammate Jamie Tartt with a late-game goal. Assuming Ted Lasso Season 2 starts with the team in the Champions League, is there any chance Richmond will make it back to Premier League?

There's reason to be optimistic, I would think. One would think Jason Sudeikis' Ted Lasso can only improve his understanding of soccer and further develop his chemistry with the team. Of course, he'll still be leagues behind other prominent coaches in terms of experience, so it's hard to say if just one more season will bring meaningful change. I'll choose to be an optimist for now, though, and think that this series won't turn out like the real world, and Ted will lead AFC Richmond back to greatness.

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Will Roy And Keely Last As A Couple?

One of the things I'm most excited about in regards to Ted Lasso Season 2 is what's next for Keely and Roy Kent. The publicist for AFC Richmond found a kinship with Roy following a rough breakup with Jamie Tartt, but the two made an odd couple. Roy's intensity paired with Keely's bubbly attitude seemed like a sure clash of personalities, and yet through Season 1, it seemed their relationship worked quite well.

I'm cautiously optimistic, but mainly because I'm not sure I could handle Roy and Keely breaking up after experiencing how cute this couple was in Season 1. That said, we've already seen Jason Sudeikis' series is capable of showing some really sad scenes. Could Ted Lasso Season 2 be prepping us for some big heartbreak like this? I'm really hoping no, but I wouldn't put it past the series to deliver at least one gut-punch moment before the season is up.

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How Will Ted Cope With His Divorce?

Jason Sudeikis' Ted Lasso was a bright and cheery ray of sunshine, though the audience eventually learned the sad truth behind his decision to move halfway across the world away from his family. Ted thought time apart from his wife may fix the issues in their marriage, but ultimately Ted's wife decided she wanted to go through with a divorce. Ted was understandably devastated but managed to find some acceptance of the situation before Season 1 came to an end.

Divorce is a complicated and traumatic process, though, so I think it would be naive to believe Ted Lasso is completely over the circumstances of his divorce in Season 2. Audiences could see more emotional instability from the usually calm, cool, and collected coach. Hopefully, though, with the support of his team and coworkers, he'll be able to get through it much easier than the first time around.

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What’s Next For Jamie Tartt?

Jamie Tartt returned to Manchester City toward the end of Ted Lasso and was solely responsible for AFC Richmond being relegated to the Premier League. Though his former teammates likely weren't too happy about Jamie making it personal and going for the win at the last minute, Lasso discretely congratulated his former player with one of the army figures he's so fond of giving people. It was a cool moment for fans, but what's next for Jamie Tartt?

That may be the biggest question for Ted Lasso Season 2, as the Apple TV+ series effectively wrote Tartt off the team. It's also worth noting that Jamie isn't seen in the Season 2 trailer, which would presumably not bode well for him being in the new season. Of course, we can only wait and see because it would be a shame if one of Ted Lasso's most polarizing characters doesn't have at least a cameo in the new season.

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Will AFC Richmond Fans Grow Tired Of Ted Lasso And His Coaching?

Jason Sudeikis' Ted Lasso was referred to as a "wanker" throughout the first chunk of Season 1, mainly due to fan dissatisfaction behind Rebecca's hiring of an unqualified coach. Eventually, fans grew to love his optimism and faith in his players, but as mentioned earlier, AFC Richmond ultimately relegated out of the Premier League. Fans of professional teams can be forgiving, but forgiveness only goes so far when their favorite team is always losing.

Lovable or not, it's hard to imagine AFC Richmond fans won't want Ted Lasso out as head coach if he can't get his team to a few wins in Ted Lasso Season 2. Viewers likely don't want to see Ted in the hot seat, but in terms of how actual fandoms would react, it would be a bit disingenuous to continually show AFC Richmond fans continually be unfazed by continued failure.

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How Much Will I Cry During The Christmas Episode?

The Ted Lasso Season 2 trailer featured a bit of what's to come for the characters this season, and I couldn't help but notice a few Christmas scenes. Yes, the Apple TV+ series is doing a holiday episode, and while we're nowhere near the holiday season, I'm sure I'll get in the Christmas spirit for this episode regardless of the date it may fall on.

I also have a feeling I'll be crying, though I can't exactly say at this point what from. I just know that Ted Lasso is a heartwarming show, and that mixed with one of the most heartwarming holidays of the year feels like something that will make me so happy I want to cry. It's also worth noting I'm conditioned by sad Christmas episodes from years of watching Doctor Who, so that could be factoring into this prediction quite a bit.

Ted Lasso Season 2 will premiere on Apple TV+ Friday, July 23rd with new episodes uploaded every following Friday. It's one of the many great shows arriving during the summer, and if you're out of the loop on what other quality entertainment is on the way, be sure to visit our 2021 summer premiere guide.

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