Ted Lasso: The Most Heartwarming Moments From Season 1

Jason Sudeikis in _Ted Lasso._

Ted Lasso in Ted Lasso.

From its premiere back in August of 2020, Ted Lasso captured the hearts of viewers for its optimistic views, sports fun, and relatable characters. The new AppleTV took off from the start, and secured a Season 2 renewal not even a week after the first season came out, so it's clear the demand for more Ted Lasso content is there.

The real gem of Ted Lasso is its heartwarming moments that tug at your heartstrings, from the very beginning of the series all the way to the end. These moments are comprised of some of Jason Sudeikis’ (in my opinion) best acting ever, as well as valuable additions from other actors and actresses in the series. We dare you not to cry while reliving some of these heartwarming moments from Ted Lasso Season 1.

Some of the teammates on Richmond.

Honorable Mention: Ted’s Attempts To Bond With His Team

One of my favorite parts that roped me into Ted Lasso was Ted’s attempts to bond with his team. How he literally had Nathan make a box so that he could try and fix the problems the team felt they had.

While most of the team (at first) didn’t take it seriously, there was one request – the water pressure in the shower room, and Ted had that fixed. It’s those little acts of kindness that really made me smile.

Rebecca eating Ted's biscuits in Ted Lasso.

When It Was Revealed That Ted Was Making The Biscuits (Cookies) Himself

Am I the only one who’s dying to find out what Ted Lasso’s biscuits tasted like in Ted Lasso? They have to be good. But this is when we start to see just how great Ted is - because he's baking biscuits himself for his boss.

Of course, Rebecca’s intentions at first with Ted were not good, and the whole “biscuits with the boss” thing was something she didn’t like, but I mean, my heart absolutely dropped when I saw that Ted was making the biscuits himself and that she had no idea and yet she was still trying to ruin his life.

Trent Crimm in Ted Lasso.

Trent Crimm’s Article About Him

To be honest, I wasn’t expecting Trent’s article in the newspaper to run as well as it did, but I genuinely felt a smile come onto my face when I heard what he had to say about Ted in Ted Lasso. How even though Trent knew that the team would probably end in a dumpster fire and fail miserably, he just couldn’t find it in himself to be upset at Ted for trying his best to coach the team and bring it back from the trenches.

Because Ted is just a good guy who keeps trying. And that’s what really matters in the end.

Ted and Rebecca at the gala in Ted Lasso.

Ted's Revealing Conversation With Rebecca At The Gala

This was one of the first times we really got to see a human-Rebecca when she begins to reveal how she feels about her ex-husband showing up, where she steps away from this revenge plot towards him and begins to open up in Ted Lasso.

Ted himself stays outside with her and hugs her as she cries over the intrusion of her ex-husband at their annual gala, and she reveals some deep insecurities to him that he can relate to. It’s really a sweet moment that’s hard to top, because it’s the beginning of a genuine friendship between them – as much as Rebecca probably wouldn’t want to admit.

Some of the cast of Ted Lasso.

Nathan’s Speech To The Team

When Nathan suddenly brought up all the things he thought were wrong about the team, no one expected it to be a comedy show. Not only was Nathan’s speech super funny, it really spoke to the team in Ted Lasso. Listening to Nathan straight-up roast all of their abilities but also add on how those shortcomings can be improved because he believes in them was sweet.

But not only that, he also improved his friendship with the team in general.

Rebecca comforting Ted in Ted Lasso.

Rebecca Comforting Ted After His Panic Attack

I consider this as a turning point for both the characters in Ted Lasso. Rebecca is finally beginning to let go of her past and focus on the future. But Ted gets all caught up in his own emotions and thoughts about everything that was going on in his life, like the divorce and the team, and has a panic attack, something many viewers can relate to, practically running out of the club they were in celebrating a win. Rebecca comes after him and comforts him while on the side of the street, a callback to their previous conversation from earlier in the show.

Not only does it show that Ted has normal feelings and also does think of the bad stuff just as much as the good, it gave Rebecca that much-needed character arc for her story to go from good to great.

Ted hugs Rebecca in Ted Lasso.

Ted Forgives Rebecca

There was something so touching about this scene, how he just easily stands up and forgives Rebecca for all the wrongdoings she has done to try and make his life hell after she confesses it to him. I mean, we always knew that Ted would be the bigger man in Ted Lasso. There’s no way this happy-go-lucky coach would hold a grudge against someone, let alone Rebecca.

And what makes it even better is that Ted just goes right back to work with her after. He doesn’t quit. He doesn’t make a big scene. He just moves along, because all he can do now is focus on the future and not on the past – a step-up from how he was feeling in previous episodes. A beautiful transition, really.

The final game in Ted Lasso.

When Nathan Is Promoted

Of course, I have to put this on the Ted Lasso list. This was the epitome of Nathan’s arc, the moment he was promoted from a kit man (basically the equipment manager) to an assistant coach right before the big game, something he never thought he could achieve. Nathan originally walks into the locker room, seeing that it has already been cleaned, and someone else is doing his job. For a moment, he believes that he has been replaced until the big news is revealed.

The moment the team, Ted, Coach Beard, and everyone else celebrates with him when he gets that coveted whistle – oof, it’s got me in my feels. Out of everyone on this team, he deserves this the most.

Keeley comforts Roy in Ted Lasso.

Keeley Comforts Roy After His Injury

The moment Keeley goes to comfort Roy after his big injury in the last game feels a little too real in Ted Lasso. Athletes do play on an endless timeline, and once they get old (in the athletic world, old can be as young as 30), there’s a real question as to if they can continue or not because they aren’t in their prime. Not everyone can be a Tom Brady or a Tiger Woods.

But when she sits down and holds him, even after he repeatedly tells her to go because you can clearly see he doesn’t want her to witness him crying, it’s raw with emotion. I loved it.

I have to admit that at first, I didn’t think that these two would work well together in Ted Lasso, considering Roy is such a serious man and Keeley is the epitome of a happy Golden Retriever, but I suppose opposites attract.

Ted comforts the team after their loss.

“Together And Sad”

I truly loved this scene in Ted Lasso. I mean, think about it. They were trying their hardest to stay in the premier league, and at the last second Manchester City knocked them out with that last goal and it was horrible. They lost... what do they do now?

But Ted, being the optimistic man he is, says that while this feeling right now sucked, it’s better to be sad and together than be alone and sad. And when this feeling passes, they should altogether have the mind of a goldfish and forget about the loss and move on, because that’s all they can do.

As a sport’s fan, I’ve had some losses that have hurt (looking at you, Penn State), but at the end of the day, what else can you do but hope for the future? And that’s exactly what Ted put out into the world. It was beautiful to see.

While we all wait for Season 2 of Ted Lasso, tell us what your favorite moments of the hit AppleTV show were. What did you love about this happy coach?

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