Loki Midseason Trailer Teases Big Twists And Maybe Even A Return To Asgard

Here in the middle of Loki's first season, MCU fans have a ton of details to talk about, from the TVA's potentially devious motivations to various Lokis in the universe to sacred timelines being ruptured. And now that Disney+ and Marvel have released the midseason trailer seen above, we have a few more intriguing elements to mull over while waiting for the next new episode. So let's get right to it.

First and foremost, the new Loki preview offers a quick visual of what appears to be Loki back in something of a ruling mode on Asgard. (Or at least in an "appreciate me!" mode.) Obviously we can't know for sure at this point whether that is truly Asgard we're seeing, but the architecture, the throne behind Tom Hiddleston's Loki, and the non-casual attire all seem to indicate we'll be taking a trip back to Loki's home.

tom hiddleston's loki in asgard on disney+'s loki

Of course, knowing how Loki has presented things thus far, it's also safe to assume that this moment from the trailer is actually taking place inside a dream sequence, or perhaps Loki is being mentally manipulated to think he's back in Asgard. We can all hope for the best here, but somehow I don't think the adoration Loki is looking for is completely legitimate.

Another shocking moment in the trailer makes it looks like Gugu Mbatha-Raw's perfectly named Ravonna Renslayer is possibly going to be in close quarters with the Time Keepers, even though she doesn't exactly look like she's 100% comfortable or knowledgeable about what's supposed to happen. She might not look as scared shitless as I would, but there's clearly some intimidation going on.

ravonna renslayer in time keepers room on loki

In case anyone expected Loki and Sophia Di Martino's Sylvie to make it out of their hairy predicament on Lamentis unscathed, the trailer makes it clear that they're going to be caught by the TVA. Although it might not be the cleanest and most calm capture ever, considering there likely aren't any docile Loki variants out there.

sophia di martino's sylvie fighting the tva on loki

And yes, that is indeed The Walking Dead star Cailey Fleming that pops up in the second half of the trailer. She's going from portraying Judith Grimes to playing Young Sylvie in Loki. It looks like she'll only be popping up in Episode 4, airing this week, but it should be very interesting indeed to see how the story plays out in a way that takes viewers into Sylvie's childhood. Hopefully we'll get more Enchantress comic connections from those scenes, too.

cailey fleming's young sylvie on loki

What will it all mean in the end? Either everything or nothing, or something in between. You know, the usual. While waiting to see if Loki's sexuality and ego are strong enough to inspire him to make out with another version of himself, Just be sure to keep watching Loki every Wednesday on Disney+ at 3:00 a.m. ET.

Nick Venable
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