Looks Like Kanye West Took The Kids During Kim Kardashian's Jet-Setting To Rome

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After months of speculation, and some troublesome behavior on the part of Kanye West, Kim Kardashian filed for divorce from her husband of six years back in February. Now that the members of the former couple are adjusting to life without each other, that includes making sure they have healthy and supportive way to co-parent their four children. Recently, that included West taking the children on a trip when Kardashian jet-setted to Rome.

According to E! News, Kanye West spent some time last month in Puerto Escondido, Mexico with North (8), Saint (5), Chicago (3), and Psalm (2). The family apparently arrived at their destination, which was an artist's retreat located right on the ocean, on Father's Day, and then spent five days enjoying the sights and sounds of the place while relaxing. An anonymous source close to West said:

The kids enjoyed time at the pool and at the beach while Kanye made music and art. He met with various people on the property to learn about the architecture and work of the artist.

Kanye West is said to have been "very interested and curious" when it came to learning all about the retreat, and "wanted to spend hours" on all of his tasks while there. This wasn't just a family vacation for West, as he also had some work to attend to while in the luxurious spot, which (after a bit of digging) I believe was probably the Casa Wabi artist residency, foundation, and exhibition space in the remote, coastal location.

And, the source noted that even though the kids got to have lots of fun in the pool, West was excited enough about the work he was doing there, and the history of the place, that he had North come along with him to some of his meetings, so he could further show her around.

It's very nice to hear that Kanye West and his kids had a chance to bond while doing something that was both relaxing and intriguing for the rapper / mogul, of course, because the family has had a tough year. His public outbursts last year led to Kim Kardashian finally coming forward to talk about what living with West, who has bipolar disorder, is sometimes like for the family. It wasn't long before rumors of real trouble between the couple started, with those being confirmed by Kardashian's divorce filing earlier this year.

As noted above, Kim Kardashian was recently on her own work / pleasure trip, which saw the reality star / fashion mogul posting to Instagram about her very stylish (but appropriately dressed down) sightseeing trip to the Colosseum in Rome. While some have said that they're having a hard time with co-parenting, something Kardashian denied, it seems like one parent taking the kids for a lovely trip while the other is allowed to do the same on their own for some (probably) much-needed child-free time is definitely a solid show of support for each other.

While it's obvious that there's going to be some tension between Kanye West and Kim Kardashian as their divorce proceedings continue, especially with him unfollowing all of the Kardashians on Twitter and possibly now dating model Irina Shayk. But, I think that most of us just want them and their kids to be happy, and it seems like they're on their way to getting there.

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