How Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck Are Reportedly Doing While Spending Time Together In L.A.

ben affleck and jennifer lopez in jersey girl
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Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are apparently here to remind everyone that Bennifer 2.0 is still very much a thing. Their apparent reignited romance is thought to be moving really fast, as seen by JLo supposedly packing up her Miami home and heading back to California to be closer to Affleck. We've got the latest reports about how and what Bennifer appears to be doing together in L.A.

Of late, the two actors have been spotted together out on the town on an apparent date night. According to People, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez were at the Avra Beverly Hills Estiatorio seafood restaurant on Friday night for at least two hours. Their source revealed:

They enjoyed Mediterranean food in one of the private dining rooms. Jen looked amazing. They were both in a great mood. Ben always looks very happy when he is with Jen.

The photos from the date night in question appear to support the speculation that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are, indeed, happy to be together once again. The two ended their initial relationship (and wedding plans) over 16 years ago and are now reportedly working towards getting to know each other all over again. Two weeks ago, they even had a dinner night out in Malibu with JLo's two kids and her sister, according to People.

Before heading back to L.A., Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez were photographed in several different locations together. The former Gigli co-stars even made a presumed romantic getaway to Montana to escape from the hoopla.

Collectively, we have been absolutely losing our shit over the rekindled relationship. (Okay, maybe just me.) But it has taken truly eagle-eyed fans to point out the real important details (as far-fetched as they may be). JLo was speculated to be wearing Affleck’s own flannel at one point, prompting some hilarious responses. Affleck also, who stars in the upcoming film Deep Water, was thought to be wearing a very particular watch that seemed to be an ode to their iconic "Jenny from the Block" music video and the Bennifer era.

The hype over their relationship likely isn't just nostalgia over the early 2000s trends. There is an interest there, too, because of Jennifer Lopez’s split with Alex Rodriguez only weeks before she was seen with Ben Affleck. Rumors have even circulated that Affleck was emailing JLo before the A-Rod breakup.

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez were reportedly on the rocks for weeks prior to their breakup, due to cheating allegations surfacing about him and a Southern Charm star. Since the split, A-Rod has seemingly done what any self-respecting ex would do, which is to operate as if JLo’s new romance doesn’t bother him and go about his own business. Nevertheless, his recent pic with his ex-wife and move to rental house a mile away from JLo’s house in the Hamptons has led many to wonder if A-Rod actually thinks about the Bennifer news more than he has portrayed.

It all sounds slightly awkward. But not so much for Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, who seem content to hang out together without much care for others' thoughts on it.

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