After Knee Injury, Law And Order: SVU’s Mariska Hargitay Reveals She Broke Her Ankle (And Black Widow Was Involved)

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While Law & Order: SVU wrapped production on Season 22 many weeks back, viewers should now hold on to the hope that we have several weeks to go before production begins on Season 23, which will bring the drama's landmark 500th episode to us. Apparently, original series star Mariska Hargitay is having quite the difficult summer when it comes to problems with her legs and / or feet, because after already breaking her knee back in May, she's now revealed her latest leg injury to fans, and it turns out that Black Widow was involved.

It was just back toward the end of May when Mariska Hargitay let everyone in on her previous set of leg injuries. She took to her Instagram, and showed a photo of herself leaving the hospital and wearing both an ankle brace and a knee brace, after having broken her knee, torn a ligament, and sustaining a hairline fracture in her ankle. Hopefully, Hargitay has at least recovered from those injuries, because now she has a new set of leg troubles that she's shared with fans. Take a look:

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Oooh, boy. That does not look good, right? I'll admit that, at first, I thought things were even worse, because I assumed Mariska Hargitay had somehow injured both legs, but then realized the shoe is probably not a fancy version of a boot one would wear after breaking one's foot. And that's good, because is looks like Hargitay's leg is pretty messed up.

Page Six confirms that Hargitay broke her ankle, and it looks to be on the same leg where she broke her knee previously. If you're wondering what happened, and how Black Widow could have been involved, it turns out that Hargitay was leaving a screening of the film at the Regal UA East Hampton Cinema last Friday when she fell in the rain outside. According to a source, she was in a rush to leave the celebrity-packed screening so that she could get home and welcome guests, because she agreed to hold the after party there.

Mariska Hargitay had to leave the event by ambulance, and was taken to Southampton Hospital (with her husband, Younger star Peter Hermann by her side), where she spent several hours before finally being able to get home after midnight, when the party was mostly done.

As with her previous injuries, though, Hargitay seems to be keeping her sense of humor about the whole thing, despite the fact that she must be in at least some pain. If you've checked out the hashtags that go along with her post, you'll see that she's all about a broken bone-based pun, and got the party started with #BreakingNews and #SpecialAnkleUnit. She also included #SummerBummer, and we can certainly all understand how it would be a true bummer to have to go through basically the whole summer with one broken bone or another.

Mariska Hargitay also thanked fans for all the love she's been getting from well-wishers, and we absolutely hope she can make as speedy of a recovery as possible.

Law & Order: SVU will be back for Season 23 at some point in the fall, but until then, be sure to see what you can watch right now with our 2021 summer TV schedule!

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