6 Rick And Morty Characters Who Deserve Their Own Spinoff

Mr. Poopybutthole Rick and Morty Adult Swim

One of Rick and Morty's greatest strengths as a show is its colorful cast of minor off-the-wall characters. Rick and Morty characters both large and small have stolen the show time and time again, and while not all are worthy of lasting recognition, it's not all that crazy to believe that one of them could be the subject of an Adult Swim spinoff somewhere down the road.

Of course, just because a character makes for an entertaining subject for an episode, does not mean they're worthy of shouldering an entire series. With that in mind, I tried to single out the Rick and Morty characters that may not be quite as memorable as others, but would be easier to craft a story around, which would have a lasting appeal potentially as great as Rick and Morty.

Mr. Nimbus Rick and Morty Adult Swim

Mr. Nimbus

No, I don't think it's too soon to proclaim a Rick and Morty character who only recently appeared in the series worthy of his own spinoff. Rick's nemesis, who could perhaps best be described as: if David Bowie and Mick Jagger had a baby, and then that baby had a baby with Aquaman. Mr. Nimbus is totally worthy of his own spinoff. Beyond the fact he's Rick's sworn nemesis, he also controls the police!

A Mr. Nimbus spinoff would obviously be water-based, and most likely filled with riffs on Aquaman, Namor, and other aquatic heroes. We're often so compelled to be fascinated by what's up in space, we forget there's a ton of horrifying things in the ocean just waiting for us to take a cruise one day. Space has been done over and over again by sci-fi, so I'd be genuinely curious what the Rick and Morty team could come up with in a spinoff with a character who spends most their time underwater.

Mr. Poopybutthole Rick and Morty Adult Swim

Mr. Poopybutthole

At first, Mr. Poopybutthole seemed like the ultimate one-off Rick and Morty character, but he's proved in successive appearances since then that he's more than a one-trick pony. He's way more entertaining than he has any right to be, because let's face it, really all that we knew about him in his debut episode was his name. Weirdly enough, that was enough to hook fans, and now Mr. Poopybutthole has become one of the series' most beloved side characters.

When it comes to Mr. Poopybutthole, you really have all you need there. A series could really just be like a slice-of-life comedy where he's just going about his day-to-day, and that's going to be enough for Rick and Morty fans to watch. Plus, imagine the publicity the series would get when people unfamiliar with Rick and Morty find out Adult Swim greenlit a show titled "Mr. Poopybutthole." The outrage for this unbelievably wholesome character will be hilarious and make the spinoff that much more enjoyable.

Squanchy on Rick and Morty Adult Swim


Out of every Rick and Morty character in the series, there's no denying that Squanchy is one of the squanchiest. This cat-like character that almost feels like some twisted knockoff of Snarf from Thundercats, but just way grosser. Squanchy is a good friend of Rick, and while the two have a deep friendship, a lot of it seems to be rooted in the fact they both like to drink alcohol.

Much like with Mr. Poopybutthole, I think a Squanchy series wouldn't need a ton of help becoming a hit. The only real hang-up is that we know that the Rick and Morty character was last seen engaged in battle with Birdperson's ex Tammy after Squanchy's wedding was ambushed by the Gromflomites. Squanchy had a brief appearance in one of Rick's death crystals, so the assumption is that Squanchy survived his encounter with Tammy. Perhaps there's a story on how his life changed following that day?

Jessica and Morty Rick and Morty Adult Swim


Morty's crush, Jessica, has appeared in Rick and Morty across many seasons, but she's never been a character of extreme interest until recently. Typically her adventures involving Morty end up in Morty blowing whatever chance he had with her in some ridiculous way. Season 5 was no exception, as Morty finally worked up the courage to ask Jessica out, and inadvertently got her suspended in time, forced to experience eons of time completely conscious.

While that likely sucked for the Rick and Morty character, Jessica's latest development does push her over the threshold for a character that's both relevant and interesting enough to get her own spinoff. Perhaps her new mind can be used to solve paranormal mysteries across the world. Maybe the entire series is just a riff on Buffy The Vampire Slayer? I wouldn't mind seeing Jessica attempt to take down Truckula, but I can't even begin to think how she'd take down his truck with fangs.

The President on Rick and Morty Adult Swim

The President

The President, in my humble opinion, is the most underrated Rick and Morty character in the show's history. He's not the least bit afraid of Rick Sanchez, generally unfazed by the wonders of the universe, and he's voiced by none other than Keith David. Basically, he's the whole package, and it's a wonder he hasn't gotten his own spinoff already.

Honestly, I just think of what a political animated comedy helmed by Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland would look like, and I need to see it happen. After all, political comedies have gone a lot farther with a lot less talent, and the genre could certainly stand to benefit from the Rick and Morty style. Plus, just think of all the movies that involve a President that could be recreated for this series? The possibilities are finite but still good enough for a season or two.

Mr. Goldenfold on Rick and Morty Adult Swim

Mr. Goldenfold

Mr. Goldenfold doesn't get nearly as much screen time in Rick and Morty as he used to, but that's probably because Morty hardly attends school anymore. It's a real shame because Goldenfold was easily one of the most hilarious characters. in the early seasons, and one that I think would be the definitive choice for a spinoff series if that was something on the table.

Much like how Beavis and Butthead's Tom Anderson served as the inspiration for King of the Hill's Hank Hill, I think there's a similar transformation that could happen for Mr. Goldenfold. Just tweak some of the weirder parts of Goldenfold's character, and boom, you have a quirky and likable schoolteacher character with his own show. I have faith in all these ideas, but when it comes to Mr. Goldenfold, I trust this one the most.

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