Too Hot To Handle Stars Followed Up Season 2 By Having A Worrisome Amount Of Sex

Too Hot to Handle Cam Holmes talking head

Too Hot To Handle Season 2 Cam Holmes talking head

Cam Holmes and Emily Miller may not have won the big money at the end of Too Hot to Handle Season 2, but they did leave their sexless island paradise in a committed relationship. And after being banned from all manners of sexual contact for the length of their stay, the couple recently revealed how they took abundant advantage of being away from Lana and her rules once the production was complete.

The Netflix reality show recruited sexy singles — under the guise of the bogus series Parties in Paradise — and challenged them to develop relationships that didn’t revolve around sex. As incentive, there was a $100,000 prize on the line, and each rule break cost the group part of the overall pot. While none of the Too Hot to Handle contestants were overtly happy about the circumstances, staying celibate was clearly harder for some than others. Yeah, I’m looking at you, Cam, whose antics with Emily cost the players $17,000 from the prize fund, and also unfortunately added the words “crab-grab” to our vocabulary.

None of the contestants was more vocal about the pain of not having sex than Cam Holmes, even going so far as to recruit other cast mates to guard the door so he could “self-gratify” in the shower. To their credit though, Cam and Emily Milly didn't break rules with anyone else on the island, and they didn't go all the way with each other, which would have cost the group $20,000. But to no one's surprise, it was a totally different story away from the show, as the couple gave viewers an update on their status recently on the Too Hot to Handle companion show Extra Hot, (hosted by Season 1’s Chloe Veitch). They candidly revealed that the chastity belt came off in a big way once they were no longer under Lana’s iron cone, to the point where it became a cause for concern for his housemate.

So [Emily] came to see me at my flat, and I was living with my housemate at the time, and he even said to me, he was like, ‘Mate, I think I’m a bit worried about you.’ He was like, ‘It’s a lot.’ He was like, ‘You’re going at it a lot.’ He was like, ‘Are you both all right?’ I was like, ‘Yeah, yeah yeah, we’re fine, we just like each other.’

Okay, so exactly how much sex would be enough to worry Cam’s housemate? Given that we saw how hard it was for Cam to go without sex on Too Hot to Handle, it’s a safe assumption that Emily wasn’t the first girl Cam’s brought home. So for his housemate to address the situation like that, it must have been a lot, right? Well, Emily was able to give fans those deets.

When we first came back, I kid you not, we were having sex like seven times a day, every day. Like, it was a joke.

Wow, that’s a pretty intense joke, and definitely no-o-o-o one is jealous of that kind of free time at all. (Well...maybe.) But even though our heart goes out to that roommate for having to listen to such sounds for days on end, it’s good to see that Cam and Emily are still together and happy, and that no one is suffering from third-degree friction burns. In fact, Cam said he’d actually moved in with Emily — much to the relief of his former housemate, I’m sure! Lana would be so proud.

Both seasons of Too Hot to Handle are currently streaming on Netflix, and when you’re all caught up, look here to find other great shows to watch on Netflix, and check out our 2021 Summer TV schedule.

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