Jake Paul Is Hilariously Trolling Conor McGregor In The Best Way After Dustin Poirier Fight

jake paul at press conference for tyron woodley fight

On his road to becoming a serious contender in the world of amateur boxing, YouTube star Jake Paul has aimed his trash-talking at tons of people, both in boxing and in the MMA world at large, with former UFC champ Conor McGregor being a frequent target of choice. Paul has somehow upped his trolling game following Conor McGregor's brutal leg injury and (second) loss to Dustin Poirier at UFC 264, and yes, it involves that $100,000 custom-made "Sleepy McGregor" chain.

As the majority of UFC fans are well aware, Conor McGregor lost to Dustin Poirier by TKO after breaking his tibia at the end of the first round, although the results were somewhat overshadowed by the overwhelming amount of shit-talking McGregor has spewed about Poirier and his wife, both before and after the fight. While Poirier has largely (though not completely) refrained from making any retaliatory statements - he's even been retweeting fans talking smack against him - Jake Paul had no such reservations about getting buck on McGregor. What's more, he even got Poirier's help in the matter.

Jake Paul is donating his six-figure chain to Dustin Poirier as a celebratory gesture, and the Louisiana native will be auctioning off the chain, with proceeds from the auction going to charity. Paul revealed the benevolent exchange to ESPN, saying:

It's real. I'm hoping [Poirier] takes a picture with it. I think that'd be the most legendary thing and make Conor look so stupid.

While Dustin Poirier hadn't yet received the chain at the time of the report, the UFC Lightweight's agent confirmed that Sleepy McGregor was being shipped over. It's not clear exactly what charity will be getting the proceeds from this particular auction, but Poirier will almost certainly be donating it to The Good Fight Foundation. Poirier's non-profit has helped schools, students, young athletes and more, not only in Louisiana, but also around the world. It's also where he donates proceeds from auctions for his fight gear, which is also the case here.

It's arguably the most awesome gesture possible to come out of such an expensive mega-trolling like Jake Paul's Sleepy McGregor chain. The up-and-coming boxer's beef with McGregor was self-started, with Paul offering the Irish brawler and his camp a whopping $50 million to duke it out in a boxing ring, but McGregor never accepted. During the press conference for his upcoming bout with UFC star Tyron Woodley, Paul gave a hilarious update for how much money he'd pay McGregor to fight after the Poirier loss, saying:

I think the funny thing about this journey is I've predicted everything that's happened thus far. 18 months ago, when I said I wanted to fight Conor, people laughed at me. Now I'm laughing at Conor, with a broken ankle, sitting there in the Octagon. He needs Jake Paul more than I need him. So my offer to Conor is $23, and if we ever fought, I would knock those fake-ass teeth right out of his fucking mouth.

To date, Jake Paul has put his fists where his money and his mouth are by way of his win column. It'll likely take a bit longer before he'll get widespread respect, especially from those who've been hating on him since long before his fight career began, but he and brother Logan Paul already have a major boxing star in their corner, so to speak. So maybe one day, after Conor McGregor bids farewell to his UFC career, he'll accept that $23 wager and face Paul to put this sorta-rivalry to the test. And hopefully that also results in a wildly ridiculous piece of ornamental jewelry that brings in money for charity.

Nick Venable
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