Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills’ Lisa Rinna Claps Back After Camille Grammer Throws Shade At Co-Star Erika Jayne

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The Bravo-verse has been all aflutter since the woes of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Erika Jayne have come to light. She filed for divorce from her husband, Tom Girardi and, not long after, several lawsuits came about that accused Girardi of embezzlement schemes and Erika Jayne of aiding and abetting him. Now, Lisa Rinna is coming to her co-star’s defense following shade from ex-Real Housewives star Camille Grammer about the legal situation.

Camille Grammer, who has been on and off the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills since 2010, kickstarted the feud on Twitter by shading Erika Jayne’s mascara-running tears in the latest episode. Grammer claimed to have never seen Erika Jayne with running mascara, even when they filmed while swimming in the Bahamas. (Her implication seems to be that the waterworks were manufactured to get sympathy.) On a Queens of Bravo recap post of the shade on Instagram, though, current co-star Lisa Rinna had the best clapback to the insinuation. She included a hashtag that stated Grammar was “still an asshole on Twitter” and said:

Oh someone needs some attention ok sweetie..

The beef between Camille Grammer and Lisa Rinna isn't new. On Season 9 of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Grammer was accused of being two-faced to all the ladies, which culminated in Grammer walking off the reunion set after several of her “mean tweets” about them were brought up. It seems Rinna has no problem bringing up old issues again when someone decides to have Erika Jayne's name in their mouth.

Lisa Vanderpump, another ex-Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, had also attempted to shade Erika Jayne amidst the legal scrutiny. She implied that Erika Jayne’s current co-stars were keeping quiet about the serious nature of the allegations. Along with Lisa Rinna's clapback, it's true that her current co-stars have mostly been supportive of her on the show and in public.

Despite both the shade and support from all ends of Bravo, Erika Jayne is in the thick of these lawsuits right now. The attorney for the trustee in the Chapter 7 bankruptcy case filed documents that allege that the reality star was hiding assets to the amount of $25 million worth of items and payments from her husband's law firm that would be meant for victims and creditors in the case. This comes in the wake of a judge ruling that Tom Girardi’s victims could sue Erika Jayne for funds owed to them.

It's a very serious situation, one that Erika Jayne has been very careful about addressing in previous episodes of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. But in the most recent one that Camille Grammer was referring to, Erika Jayne was seen breaking down in tears. She shared with co-star Kyle Richards that the accusations coming out are “wrong” and “insane.” Furthermore, she revealed some insight into Tom Girardi’s deteriorating health and behavior that contributed to her filing for divorce.

Undoubtedly, during this tenuous time, Erika Jayne might need some true friends in her corner. Lisa Rinna seems to be one of them, but Camille Grammer is clearly not.

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